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Hmong Culture LLC

The Hmong Culture Student Interest Group has been named Tsev Koom Siab (phonetically Hmong Culture LLCchay-gong-shia). "Koom Siab" can mean harmony, concordance, unity/unite, cooperation/cooperate, working together, etc. Students living in this community will ideally come from all walks of life, some who are Hmong, and others who would like to learn about this vibrant culture.

Tsev Koom Siab will provide several opportunities for students interested in the Hmong people, language, culture, and history. Students in the community will be involved in a variety of in-class and out-of-class experiences designed to help them embrace the Hmong culture and take pride in cultural traditions/practices, values, and language. After learning about the heritage, members of Tsev Koom Siab will then have the opportunity to educate others about the Hmong community and culture during Hmong History Month in April and at other events.

A few benefits offered to members include specialized classes, guest speakers, field trips, and service opportunities to help the local Hmong community.

Program Location:
Towers Hall


Who is in charge of your LLC?

Mai Neng Vang

Xeeyee Kha

 ChrisPahl Pang Xiong Hmong LLC
Mai Neng Vang
Towers South 878
Xeeyee Kha
Towers South 859
Chris Pahl
Towers North Hall Director 715-855-3327
Pang Xiong

What are you going to do in the Hmong Culture LLC?


  • Hmong New Year at UW-Eau Claire (November)
  • Center for Hmong Studies Visit to Concordia University in St. Paul/Minneapolis (Fall-September)
  • Hmong History Month (April)
  • Hmong National Development/Concordia Conference (April)

Other Activities:

  • Fundraise for Rice Pantry
  • Volunteer as mentors for Building Bridges or Bridging Gaps
  • Collaborate with Hmong Mutual Assistance Association on local events
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