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Healthy LLC

Healthy Living LLCThe Healthy Living Learning Community provides students an opportunity to become engaged in all aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It includes in-class and out-of-class experiences designed to learn about a wide range of wellness topics including but not limited to stress management, healthy eating habits, a variety of exercise options, and the spirit-mind-body connection.

The Healthy Living Community includes a variety of specialized educational programs sponsored by the Kinesiology Department, the Student Wellness Advocacy Team, and Student Health Services. This community is offered to all students on a space available basis.

Program Location: Murray Hall (3rd and 4th Floor South)

Program Pre-Requisites: None, this program is available to any UW-Eau Claire students as space allows.

Program Requirements: Must enroll in a Kinesiology 262 in the fall semester, and Kinesiology 186 in the spring semester.

Who is in charge of your LLC?

Tracy Healthy LLC

 Eric Healthy LLC Katelyn Healthy LLP  Megan Healthy LLC   

Tracy Yengo
McPhee 215

Eric Jaburek
Murray Hall Director

Katelyn Widenski

Megan Zandler


Josh Frederik



  • What's on your Plate?
    A stress reduction activity done with student health services (SHS) to help all of the healthy LLC residents to cut down the stress of exam times.
  • Dinner and Discussion
    A night where upperclassmen discuss their experience here at UWEC after adinner with faculty.
  • Usage of McPhee Fitness Center Services
    The residents get to know each other and practice healthy activities and exercise while utilizing campus buildings.
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