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Suggestions for ways to live more sustainably in the residence halls

CFL Light Bulb Electricity
Use compact florescent light bulbs. They use up to 66% less energy than incandescent light bulbs and they last ten times longer too!

During the day, take advantage of the sunlight, turn off the lights and open up your curtains.

  • Turning off your computer actually reduces heat stress and wear on your system while saving energy. Turn off that screen saver! Because of new technology, screen savers do not actually save energy unless they turn off your screen or back light of your laptop. Instead, turn your monitor off when your computer will not be in use.
  • Unplug the electronics in your room when they are not in use. Examples: Cell phone chargers, game consoles, hair irons and radios. Or use a "smart" strip which turns off the power once things are charged.
  • Purchasing energy star electronics such as mini refrigerators or televisions for your room helps save energy by up to 30-50%.


Reduce energy consumption by using cold water to wash your clothes. When you use hot water, it accounts for up to 90% of the washing machines power usage to do so.


Water bottles
Try not to buy individual plastic water bottles. Instead purchase a reusable water bottle. There is a filter water bottle filling station on the first floor of every hall and one on every floor in Bridgman Hall.

Don't Go Alone
Going downtown? The bus provides free public transportation (
Use Zimride, a computer ride share program, to find a ride home.

To reduce junk mail:
Stop direct mail:
Stop credit card and insurance offers:
Stop catalogs:

For toiletries:

For sheets and towels:

For clothing:
Plato's Closet:
Cherry Pickers:
Salvation Army:
Play It Again Sports: