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Who's Who?
Assistant Director for Advising and Student Programs

Faculty Fellow
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University Honors Director:

jeff vahlbuschJefford Vahlbusch ( became director of the University Honors Program in July 2009. He is also an associate professor of German in the Department of Foreign Languages. His areas of scholarly and teaching interest include 19th and 20th century literature and philosophy,literary reception, classical literature, and the history of Marxism. He is currently working on a book-length study of Hermann Hesse's reception in the USA, especially in the counterculture, anti-war, and student movements during the 1960s and 1970s.

Assistant Director for Advising & Student Programs:Ivy Bohnlein

Ivy Bohnlein ( joined the University Honors Program in September 2011, an appointment made possible by the Blugold Commitment program. Dr. Ivy holds a BA and MA in Anthropology from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, and earned her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from ASU while employed there full-time. She has over 12 years of experience in advising and student affairs, and her doctoral research focused on the effects of university-level Honors programs on student development. In addition to helping students discover their passions and achieve their goals, she enjoys cooking, sculpting, and taiko drumming..

Honors Program Faculty Fellow:

David M. Jones ( is an Associate Professor of david jonesEnglish and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.  His writing examines a wide range of topics in literature, social movements, and popular culture using interdisciplinary methods.  His essay on Lorraine Hansberry and sexuality in the civil rights movement is collected in Growing Up Postmodern (2002), and he has recently published essays on Booker T. Washington, William Jennings Bryan, and Clarence Major.  Current writing projects include a full-length manuscript on the Black Arts Movement and a biographical essay on the blues and soul musician Etta James.  David is also the executive producer of a program series on the history of jazz, blues, soul, and reggae music, Jazz, Blues, and Beyond.  The program will be broadcast during Fall 2006  on 89.7 FM WUEC in Eau Claire. David is also a professional musician.  His site,, provides information about his live performances and sound recordings.

Program Associate:

pam goldenPam Golden ( is the program associate for the University Honors Program. Prior to joining the Program January 1, 2010, she worked nearly six years with the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program on campus. Before coming to UWEC, Pam worked as a Marketing Manger and, for nearly 12 years, as a Girl Scout Executive staff member - an organization with which she retains a lifetime membership. Pam earned her B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Business Administration from Wright State University in Dayton, OH and her M.A. in Public Affairs from the University of Iowa in 1989. To complete the Master's degree, Pam wrote her thesis on Affirmative Action in city government researching 14 cities in eastern Iowa. When not enjoying time with her teenage children, Pam is likely to be found reading a British mystery novel, listening to great Blues music while sipping herbal tea - or Diet Mountain Dew.

Honors Student Staff, Advisors, and Ambassadors:

Our Student Ambassadors are available for new and current University Honors Students to:Anja and Emily

  • connect with the Program;
  • assist with scheduling honors and other courses;
  • discuss ideas for innovation and retention in University Honors;
  • assisting in any way to provide Honors students with a meaningful experience in University Honors and at UWEC.


Hometown: Eau Claire

Major: German and Geography

Hi! I’m a sophomore here at UWEC studying German and Geography, however, I am passionate about nearly every discipline I explore and spent nearly two years undeclared.  I absolutely love to travel and have spent many summers tour biking across Europe with my family.  Next year I’m planning on studying abroad in Marburg, Germany, and I can’t wait to be fully immersed in the German culture!  Besides working for the University Honors Program, I also tutor in the Academic Skills Center and research in the German department. I also love reading, homemade bread, board games, autumn, and piano!

The University Honors Program has allowed me the opportunity to delve into fascinating subjects with intelligent and motivated students.  In the past two years, I have taken classes on topics ranging from ancient Greek literature to civic engagement to American religions.  Honors courses have smaller numbers and enthusiastic professors who work towards creating a discussion based environment.  Due to this, the Honors Program has a wonderful sense of community—there are fantastic people here and I highly encourage you join!


Hometown: Apple Valley, MN

Major: Chemistry, Pre-Pharm Emphasis

study Chemistry here at UWEC with a plan to attend pharmacy school upon my graduation May of 2015. I try and balance my calendar between classes, research, volunteering, and ROTC, so that I can get the most out of my time here at Eau Claire. If you have any questions about Honors, UWEC, or ROTC, let me know and I can do my best to help.

The Honors Program has really opened a lot of doors for me. Not only has it offered me a part time job, it set me up with a class that I ultimately got a pharmacy practice based research project through. Working with the Honors Program Organization has allowed me to see the ins and outs of an administration and I hope I can use that experience to further the program and my future. I have studied everything from Philosophy of Science to Civic Engagement which has allowed both a broad but focused approach to experiential learning.


Hometown: Owen, WI

Major: Biochemistry/Molecular Biology & Psychology

Hello, I’m a senior here at UWEC and I really enjoy science. I’ve studied abroad in Riga, Latvia during fall of my sophomore year. It was a great experience that other should try. Besides working for the University Honors Program I volunteer at the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin and lead the Campus Kitchens Project, a student run non-profit here on campus. Aside from volunteering, I enjoy reading, watching movies with friends, and seeing the trees change color during fall.

The University Honors Program has allowed be to explore my interest in literature and civic engagement. The literary courses have taken me all over, from Middle Earth to the Mississippi delta (Literally) and many places in between. The courses are small and professors encourage discussion to generate a flow of ideas.