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Admission Criteria

There are several ways to gain admission to the University Honors Program:

Automatic admissions

Many incoming (first-semester) students are invited based on scores achieved on the ACT or SAT and academic standing in high school.  Automatic invitations are issued to students with

  • 28 and up ACT composites (SAT 1280, 1880), and high school class rank in the top 5%
  • 29 ACT composites (SAT 1300, 1940) and top 10%, or 30 ACT (SAT 1340, 2000), top 15%.

Holistic invitations

Students admitted to UW–Eau Claire with the following criteria are considered for Honors admission in a holistic review process:  26 ACT or up composite (SAT 1190, 1770), high school class rank of top 10% or higher, or a 3.75 high school grade point average.

Second- and third-semester invitations

Students who have completed at least 15 academic credits at UW–Eau Claire may be considered for admission after demonstrating excellent academic performance, including attaining an “A” average, i.e. at least a 3.67 GPA.  Automatic invitations will be issued to students earning a 3.67 GPA on 15 credits whose ACT composite score was 26 and up.

Transfer students

Transfer students from other university Honors programs are admitted on request. Honors courses taken at accredited institutions of higher education are accepted toward meeting the requirements of UW - Eau Claire's Honors Program.


Students highly motivated to do Honors work, including transfer and non-traditional students, should consider petitioning the University Honors Council for admission.  Please consult Dr. Jeff Vahlbusch (, Director of the University Honors Program, for guidance.

revised: 12/16/2011