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What are the advantages of completing the 36 credit history major as part of my degree in broadfield social studies?

Students who complete the 36 credit history teaching major develop a depth and breadth of knowledge in a number of fields of history, including historical methods, and they are eligible for paid student-teaching internships in history which look great on your resume. The American Historical Association recommends that all K-12 history teachers complete history majors during college, and the history department at UW-Eau Claire recommends that anyone interested in teaching history in a high school complete a 36 credit history major. If you are interested in teaching middle school social studies, the broadfield social studies comprehensive major with a 24 credit history concentration may be a very good choice for you.

If you ever decide to do an MA in history, having completed a history major will make it much easier for you to be admitted to a graduate program and to obtain funding.

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