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Should I do an internship?

Many history and broad field social studies students do internships during their years at UW-Eau Claire. Education students all complete a Professional Semester (student teaching), but some do another internship as well. We encourage all history majors in the College of Arts and Sciences to do an internship. Students doing Public History internships work in settings in which they interpret history and present it to the public. Public history interns from UW-EC regularly work at the Chippewa Valley Museum and at a variety of other historical organizations throughout Wisconsin. Most public history interns receive academic credit for their work, although some are paid. If you are interested in a Public History internship, please contact Professor John Mann, our Internship Coordinator for Public History. If you are interested in an internship in the private or public sector, Career Services can help you find one that is right for you. You can do an internship in the Chippewa Valley or travel to another part of the country. Start with Career Services' internship page, then visit the Internship Center in Schofield 230 to learn more.

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