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Webmail FAQ

How can I create/delete/manage a personal DL (Distribution List) in Webmail?
Webmail users cannot create/delete/manage their personal DLs. This can only be done via Outlook. If any user needs to make changes, those changes need to be done inside Outlook. Users who don't have Outlook, can come to the Help Desk and make the updates using Outlook.  This DL functionality will return in a few months.
How do I access public folders in the new version of Webmail?
Go to and log in
At this point, the new version of Webmail does not have a link to take you to Public Folders. The user must type that url into a web browser. The link will be added back in a future service pack.
When a user logs onto Webmail, they always get the “basic” version, even though they did NOT check the “use light version of Webmail” box before logging on.  How do they get the “premium” version?
Here are the steps to switch Webmail back to "Premium" mode:

1. Log onto Webmail
2. Click the OPTIONS link in the upper right corner of the webmail screen
3. On the left side, click the Accessibility link
4. Uncheck the "use the blind or low vision experience" box
5. Click SAVE and then log off Webmail
The next time you log onto Webmail, you'll get the premium version.

Setting up an email client

The email servers at UW-Eau Claire support Microsoft Exchange and Exchange ActiveSync clients. The recommended method to access your University email is through Webmail (Microsoft Outlook Web Access). Other methods are available. Follow the below links for directions to receive your email using supported programs and email clients:

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