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Word 2013 (Windows)

Microsoft Word 2013 has several new features and improvements which make it easier to customize, operate, and navigate. Below you will find a description of the new features and links to further information.

New Feature Description
Views Word documents appear in a new clean, comfortable reading view, and Read mode now displays your documents in easy-to-read columns.
Online Videos Online videos can be inserted directly into Word and can be watched without having to leave the document.
Simple Markup This is a new revision view that allows you to see a clean and uncomplicated view of your document while still seeing indicators where tracked changes have been made.
Reply to Comments and Mark as Done Comments now have a reply button, so you can easily respond to comments made by others. This feature also allows you to mark a comment as "done" once it has been addressed--the comment is greyed out and out of your way, but still available if you need to revisit the conversation at a later date.
Open and Edit PDFs in Word It is possible to open PDFs in Word and make changes to body text, tables, etc., just like a normal Word document. When opening very complex PDFs in Word, there may be slight formatting changes when the PDF is opened, but overall it works effectively.
Live Layout/Alignment Guides These guides provide a live preview as you move and/or resize shapes or images in your Word document, and make it easy to line up items (like charts and images) with your text.
Collapse and Expand Sections Allows you to use heading styles to make parts of your document collapsible, so readers can expand and collapse sections as they reach them. This can be convenient for particularly long documents.