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Microsoft Lync allows for instant messaging, file transfer, video and audio calls, desktop sharing, and web conferences. Lync is available on any campus computer, but is configured to not start automatically, so others will only see your online presence if you choose to start it or configure it to start automatically.  
Lync is available for home use on both PC and Mac from the links below:
Lync 2013 for Windows 32bit
Lync 2013 for Windows 64bit
Lync 2011 for Mac 

If someone from UW-Eau Claire wishes to IM or video conference with anyone who does not have the Lync client (those outside the Lync Federation), the invitee will be automatically prompted to join the UWEC conference using the Lync web client once he or she has clicked the conference URL. On-campus users who wish to schedule a Lync conference, but do not have access to Outlook, can schedule a Lync meeting from inside


Lync Federation

UWEC currently federates our Lync server with the list of schools and service providers below. UWEC users can add people from these federated domains to their contact list and begin chatting or conferencing with them immediately.

  • SKYPE.COM (IM, Audio, presence)
  • UWC.EDU (UW Centers)
  • UWEX.EDU (UW Extension)
  • UWPLATT.EDU (IM and presence)
  • UWW.EDU (IM and presence)
  • WISC.EDU (coming soon)

Mobile Lync Client

A mobile version of Lync 2013 is available for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This client allows IM, presence, audio/video conferencing, and desktop sharing from a mobile device. Mobile Lync client assistance can be found here.

How-To Information

The following links to the Microsoft website include common topics of interest regarding Lync 2013.

Or, follow this link to find out more about using Lync 2011 for a Mac.