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Excel 2010 (Windows)

Note: This documentation on Excel 2010 will not be updated following April 1, 2013, as the UW-Eau Claire campus will be upgrading to Office 2013 in the summer of 2013.

How-To Information

The following links will take you to pdf help pages and the associated Youtube instructional video.

The following links to the Microsoft website include common topics of interest.

New Features

Microsoft Excel 2010 has several new features and improvements which make it easier to customize, operate, and navigate. Below you will find a description of the new features. For more information or instructions on certain topics, please visit the Microsoft Excel 2010 web site.

New Feature
Sparklines SparklinesAllows you to create miniature charts that appear within a single spreadsheet cell. You can display data in line, column, or win/loss format to highlight trends. The Sparklines button is found under the Insert tab. 
Slicer SlicerAllows you to visually filter data within Pivot Tables to help you find that data you are looking for. The Slicer tool is found under the Insert tab. 
New Tables and Filters Allows you to see and quickly access table filtering and sorting tools, such as sorting alphabetically or displaying only certain data cells. To access the filtering and sorting tools, highlight your information and click the Table button under the Insert tab. The drop-down menus containing the tools will appear at the top of every column.
Co-Authoring Excel PermissionsAllows multiple users to work on the same workbook from various locations. The co-authoring permissions tool is found in Info under the file tab. Excel will save and highlight new content contributed by other authors.
Protected Mode Reinforces your computer's security by opening documents downloaded from the Internet in such a way that editing is disabled. Allows you to see a preview of a document. If you think the document is safe, you can enable editing by clicking Enable Editing button at the top of the document.
Paste Previews Allows you to preview the result of pasting a set of data. After copying a set of data, you can access the Paste Preview tool by left-clicking and dragging your cursor to highlight the area in which you wish to paste the material, and then left-click on the highlighted area. Preview the paste by moving your cursor over the possible choices under Paste Options.
Microsoft Excel Mobile Allows you to review, edit, or comment on Excel documents from your smartphone. Download Microsoft Excel Mobile from the Microsoft Mobile web site.