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Creative Commons Music

About Creative Commons

When creating multimedia projects, you may be asked to include music, audio or video. As you may know, unless otherwise stated, anything produced on a web site is copyrighted. This means that if you wish to use an image or music clip from that site, you must first ask for permission from the creator.

Instead, we encourage you to make use of Creative Commons. Unlike traditional copyright laws, Creative Commons allows creators to share their work freely with others. This system has allowed for the creation of virtual "commons." Any creative work can be put under a Creative Commons license and join the expanding collection that can be used for free. This means that you can add high quality creations to your project, without having to worry about breaking copyright laws.

Keep in mind that students are responsible for checking what they are and are not allowed to do with the media they download. For more information on Creative Commons, click here.

Music Licensed Under Creative Commons

Although this is not an exhaustive list, the following sites all offer music available under Creative Commons license. Please be sure to carefully read the terms of use on each site before downloading music. 

  • Free Music Archive: This site offers an interactive library of Creative Common licensed downloads. Appropriate usage differs for each track so be sure to read the licensing terms before downloading. Read their terms of use here.

  • Incompetech: This site offers an extensive library of tracks from many different genres. Read their FAQ and crediting requirements here.

  • Dig CC Mixter: This site allows users to search for music which is all liberally licensed under Creative Commons. All tracks can be used for school projects, podcasts and videos. Read their terms of use here.

  • Audiofarm: Many audio files are available under Creative Commons. Please be sure to check the licensing terms of each track before downloading. Read their FAQ here.

  • New Grounds: Each track differs. Be sure to read the licensing terms found on the left hand side of the screen before downloading. Learn more about the conditions of use here.