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Mobile Devices

You can access your UW-Eau Claire email account from a variety of mobile devices. Instructions for Blackberry, Palm Pre, and Droid are listed here. However, devices vary considerably; feel free to stop by the LTS Help Desk for assistance.

Blackberry Devices

  1. Go to the Blackberry support site

  2. Choose your phone and follow the instructions.

    Note: In the past Alltel users could connect to our Blackberry Enterprise service for a onetime $99 fee. Now new customers at Alltel (Verizon) will have to pay $45 for the enterprise data plan.  In the past the consumer and enterprise plans were both $30.  These fees now match ATT fees for enterprise service.

Palm Pre

  1. Click the email icon to open your email.

  2. In the upper-left corner, click the Email drop-down arrow.

  3. Select Preferences & Accounts.

  4. Scroll down and select Add an Account.

  5. In the upper-left corner, click the Email drop-down arrow.

  6. Select Manual Setup.

  7. Fill out the remaining fields with this information:
    1. Mail Type: IMAP
    2. Email Address:
    3. Server Name:
    4. Username: username
      Example: doej
    5. Password: your UWEC password
    6. Port#: 993
    7. Encryption: SSL
  8. Use the following information for the Outgoing Mail Server:
    1. Server name:
    2. Use Authentication: Yes
    3. Port#: 25
    4. Encryption: TSL
    5. Root Folder: (leave blank)
    6. Note: For security reasons, you will only be able to send mail while you are using UWECwireless Wi-Fi network.


Note: The following instructions are specific only to corporate sync on Motorola Androids. LTS Online Help is currently working to create instructions that are correct for a larger number of Android devices. In the mean time, if you need assistance, please contact the LTS Help Desk in OL 1106 at 715-836-5711 or

  1.  Navigate to My Accounts.

  2. Select Add Account on bottom of screen.

  3. Tap Corporate Sync
    1. For DOMAIN\username type UWEC\username
      Example: UWEC\doej
    2. Type your UWEC password
    3. Type your UWEC email
      Note: Make sure Secure Connection is checked.
    4. For Exchange Server, type
    5. Select Next and wait for the process to finish.

  4. Select your newly created account to select.
    1. Calendar, Contacts and Email sync
    2. Account name
    3. Duration of message sync
      Note: Make sure Connection and Certificate are checked.

  5. From your inbox, navigate to Email Settings to change Push and email options. The Push email setting ensures that when you receive an email to your account it will automatically be pushed to your mobile device. You may also change frequency settings to alter how often emails are pulled to your device.
    1. From the home screen, navigate to My Accounts.
    2. Choose the email account you wish to edit.
    3. Select Account Settings.
    4. Make the desired Push and email option changes.
      Note: Email settings you can change include ringtone and notification settings, incoming options, and contact syncing.

Protecting Your Device

To protect your device in the case of being stolen or tampered with, it is highly recommended you take the following steps to secure it.

  1. From the Settings menu, scroll down and tap Security to open the Security menu.

  2. Tap Screen Lock, and select the type of locking device you wish to use.


  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish your screen lock setup.

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