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About Interactive Training Resources

The Interactive Training Resources, also known as User Productivity Kit (UPK), are materials on a wide range of topics that have been created to familiarize everyone with the MyBlugold CampS software. 

Notes: To use the Interactive Training Resources, you must be using either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. If you are not able to use Internet Explorer or Firefox, the Static Content uses simple HTML pages so they can be viewed in any browser. If you have trouble viewing this, make sure you have allowed pop-ups from in your browser settings.

This document describes the following features:

Accessing the Training Table of Contents

  1. Navigate to the Interactive Training Resources table of contents.
    The Campus Solutions Interactive Training Resources web page appears.
    Hint: Tutorials under the UW-Eau Claire MyBlugold CampS folder have training designed specifically for this University. The other folders are there for reference, but are more general and include things that have not been implemented here.

  2. Using the Navigation pane, select the desired tutorial.
    A short summary of the tutorial and all player mode options appear in the Content pane.
    Hint: To open folders, click the [+]
    Note: A tutorial is selected when it is highlighted.
    Interactive training tutorial

Player Modes

Button Description
See It button This is an automatic walk-through of the tutorial. The steps advance by themselves. However, if you wish to move along faster, you can manually advance to the next step by pressing [Enter]. There is also a pause option that allows you to slow things down.
 Try It button This is the most common mode and the option generally used by direct linking. In this tutorial, you will see one step at a time and then be prompted to complete an action. The directions may prompt you to press a button, select with your mouse, or type something.  If you wish to move along faster, you can also advance to the next step by pressing [Enter].
 Know It This is used to grade your understanding of how to navigate through MyBlugold CampS. You will be prompted to go through the steps on your own; there will be a yellow dialog box to the right that you can consult if you forget the next step. If you click Show Step you will be shown the next action in the sequence.
Note: This option is not available on all tutorials.
 Do It button This is intended to be available while you are in the program itself by bringing up a small window that contains the tutorial. If you encountered difficulty, you could use this option to be walked through the steps necessary to complete the action you were working on.
 Print It button This option brings up a document listing all the steps in the tutorial. This can either be saved for later viewing or printed as a hard copy.
Note: This option is not available on all tutorials.


Using Interactive Training Resources

  1. Select the desired tutorial.

  2. From the Player Mode toolbar, click Try It!
    The Tutorial will open full-screen.
    A yellow dialog box will appear with directions.

    Try It start dialog box

  3. To start the Interactive Training Resources, press [Enter].
    The tutorial will begin, showing you one step at a time, and then giving you a new direction.

  4. Optional: To skim through the steps, rather than performing the specified action, press [Enter].
    The tutorial will advance to the next step.

  5. Optional: At any point, to access any player options (Next Step, Previous Step, Restart Playback, Display Concept, Preferences, Help, or Close Topic) click Actions.

  6. At the end of the tutorial, press [Enter].


Using Static Content

The Static Content tutorials are very similar to the Interactive Training resources. However, they are not animated, and they are set into HTML pages. Because of this, they can be viewed through any browser or platform, and they are easier to print.

  1. Navigate to the MyBlugold CampS Static Training Library.
    The Campus Solutions Training Library web page appears.

  2. From the list, select the desired tutorial.
    The tutorial's web page appears.

  3. Optional: Click Concept.
    A short summary of what the tutorial is about appears.

  4. Optional: Click Step #.
    A picture of the step and its description appears.
    Note: From here, you will be provided with links that allow you to move directly to the next step, back, or to the Static Content table of contents.

Printing Interactive Training Resources

  1. Navigate to the desired tutorial.

  2. Click Print It!
    A File Download dialog box appears.

    File Download dialog box
  3. To view the downloaded data, click Open.

  4. To save the downloaded data,
    1. Click Save.
      The Save As dialog box appears.
    2. Using the Save in pull-down menu, navigate to and select the desired save location.
    3. In the File name text box, type a name for the downloaded data file.
    4. Click Save.
      A dialog box will appear; click Open.

  5. From the File menu, click Print.
    A Print dialog box appears.

  6. Optional: Set your print preferences.

  7. Click Print.

  8. Click Ok.
    The document prints.