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MyBlugold: Site and Page Types

When you build a site in SharePoint, you will be offered a variety of choices. For content building, you can pick from Blank Sites, Team Sites and Publishing Sites. After testing these site types, we've concluded that the Publishing Site is more flexible to use, so your site will be a Publishing Site by default.

We do NOT recommend the use of Blank Sites.A Team Site may be suitable for you, but contact our staff to help you with that decision.

When creating pages within any of these sites, the default page type will be its native format, but you can choose other formats within each type of site, as long as appropriate settings are made. 

Publishing Sites

A Publishing Site is intended primarily for consumable Intranet content. Think of a few-to-many relationship—few people developing content and many people reading content. But this site type is very flexible and works very well for most work space needs with a many-to-many relationship--many people developing content and many people reading content.

We provide UW-Eau Claire Custom Layouts for Publishing Sites which restrict the width of content areas to make reading easier.

You can tell you are on a publishing page by it's publishing features. After editing a page, you will need to check it in and save it and publish it as well. The Publish button will perform all three tasks at once. 

Team Sites

A Team Site is intended primarily for work spaces (lists and libraries that tend to be very wide) and for communication (Wikis). Think of a many-to-many relationship.

You can create a publishing page in a Team Site if you enable SharePoint Server Publishing (See Activating the Publishing Feature.)

You can tell you are on a team page (also referred to as a "wiki page") by the editing features. After editing a page, you need to check it in and save it. No Publish button will be visible.

The tables below provide more detail about site and page types. 

Site Type Native Page Format Purpose
Editing Notes
Publishing Site Publishing Page  For basic HTML text
  • Places pages in the Site Pages Library
  • Can select various layouts, including UWEC custom fixed-width layouts (although content in those may extend beyond fixed areas)
  • Layouts contain both text areas and Web Parts
Team Site Page (Wiki Page)
For communication, such as in a Wiki

Terminology Note: Team Site=Wiki=Page
  • Creates default lists and libraries which may not be helpful and may need to be removed when new sites are scripted. This is why it might not be a good option as a base for new site
  • Places pages in the Site Pages library
  • Can select various flexible width layouts. These are different from Layout Templates in Web Part Pages and Layouts in Publishing Pages
  • Layouts contain text areas, not Web Parts


Page Type How to Create a New Page Editing Notes
Publishing Page Site Actions >> More Options >> Pages >> Publishing Page
  • Using the Publish tool will Check In and Save and Publish in one step
  • If prompted for an Approval process, it can be turned off in the Library Settings >> Versioning Settings
  • The value typed in the Title: field will place the title on the page and in the browser title with the Heading 1 style applied
  • URL Name: Give a short, meaningful filename with no spaces or special characters
Page (Wiki Page) Site Action >> New Page >> Page
  • You will be prompted to create a document library if none exists, to save the Web Part Page to
  • Give it a brief name which becomes the filename and title
  • Recommended: Go into page details after creating the page so you can overwrite the filename with a more meaningful display title