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MyBlugold: Pages and Web Parts

MyBlugold Publishing Pages use Web Parts to display a variety of content. The most commonly used Web Parts are used to display editable text, lists and libraries.

You may wish to add web parts to your MyBlugold site. The documentation below covers the following topics:

Adding a Web Part

  1. Go to the page you wish to edit. Click the Site Actions button in the top left-hand corner of your screen and select Edit Page.

    Site Actions Edit Page

  2. Click Add a Web Part in the center of your screen.

    Note: There are six Web Part areas in the custom One Column layout below the rich content area. In the Two Column layout, there is only one Web Part area in the right sidebar. For extra versatility, Web Parts can also be added to rich content areas.

    Web Part Areas

  3. A selection pane appears at the top of the page. Use the Categories column to narrow your search for Web Parts. Once you select a category, the Web Parts column displays options for that category. A description of the selected Web Part will appear in the About the Web Part column.

  4. Once you have found the desired web part, click Add (found in the lower right-hand area beneath the selection bar).

    Note: An area labeled Add Web Part to: allows you to select a different location for the Web Part on the page.

    Web Part Selector

    Note: To display text with editable HTML content, select Media and Content from the Categories column, then select Content Editor from the Web Parts column and Add.

    Note: To display a list or library on your page, select Lists and Libraries from the Categories column, then select any available list or library from the Web Parts column and Add.

    Note: To display a larger image on your page, it would be better to use one of the pre-defined regions on the page.

Editing a Web Part

 Many of the editable properties of the Content Editor Web Part are used in other Web Parts as well. Since they are the most commonly used, they are a good place to begin learning about Web Parts.

  1. Go to the page you wish to edit. Click the Site Actions button in the top left-hand corner of your screen and select Edit Page.

    Site Actions Edit Page

  2. Hover over the web part that you wish to edit, and click on the small dropdown arrow at the right. Select Edit Web Part from the dropdown menu.

  3. The editing property box will appear in the top right-hand side of the screen. Select the plus and minus icons in each section (Appearance, Layout, and Advanced) to view and hide options.
    1. Content Editor Section: The Content Link area can be used to have the Content Editor link to a text file.

      Content Editor

    2. Appearance Section: This is used to modify the title (the text that appears in the tan title bar), height, width, and chrome type.

      Note: Chrome Type is used to modify the appearance of the Web Part. Changing this option to None will make your Web Part display only the content without the tan title bar on top. This field is normally set to Default, but most will choose Title and Border.

      Appearance Editor

    3. Layout Section
      • Under Layout, if Hidden is checked, the Web Part will not be shown when the page is viewed.

      • Direction refers to the text's direction--either being right to left or left to right.

      • The Zone Index contains a number that refers to this particular Web Part's position relative to the other ones in its Web Part area. 

        Example: One Web Part with Zone Index equal to 1 will be displayed on the page above one with a Zone Index equal to 2.

        Note: These numbers do NOT need to be their exact index value. For example, two Web Parts with 1 and 2 as their Zone Index values would function the same as two with 12 and 66 as their values.

  4.      Layout Editor  

  5. Note: The Advanced Section has a number of high-level controls in this section, few of which are very useful for designers.    

  6. Once you have made your desired changes, click OK.

  7. When working with a Content Editor Web Part, note that you may then select Click here to add new content. You can type your content and use the editing tools to highlight, emphasize, and make links as needed. When you are done, publish your changes.
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