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Applying for Graduation

As you near the end of your degree at UW-Eau Claire, it is time to start thinking about applying to graduate. This is usually done the semester before you wish to graduate, but can also be done early in your final semester. This document describes the steps you can take to apply to graduate through CampS.

  1. Access the Student Center from MyBlugold CampS » Main Menu » Self Service.

  2. Click Student Center.

  3. In the Academics section, click My Academics.

  4. In the My Academics section, click Apply for Graduation.

Apply for Graduation

  1. Click the Academic Program link.
    Example: Arts & Sciences - Undergrad.

Applying for Graduation- Select Degree dialog box 

  1. From the Expected Graduation Term dropdown menu, select the term in which you wish to graduate.

Applying for Graduation Selecting Graduation term dialog box

  1. Click Continue.

  2. Review the information to make sure everything is correct.

  3. Click Submit Application. The following picture will appear indicating that you have successfully applied to graduate:

Applying for Graduation Confirmation dialog box