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MyBlugold CampS: Faculty Center Grade Submission

At the end of a course you need to post student grades to CampS. Midterm grades can also be posted.

Assigning Grades

  1. Log on to My Blugold CampS using your regular username and password.

  2. From the top menu bar, click Main Menu » click Self Service » click Faculty Center.

  3. Choose the My Schedule menu option to grade the desired class.

  4. Change the term to the correct grading term if necessary.
    Note: The system simply remembers the last term you've viewed.
    Your personalized Faculty Center page will appear, along with your teaching schedule for the current semester.

  5. Click on the Grade Roster Grade roster button icon to the left of the class you wish to work with.
    Hint: The class link simply takes you to a detailed description of the class.
    Below is an image showing the previous steps:

    Grade roster schedule and term

  6. Make sure the class meeting information is correct. Click Change Class to choose a different class.

  7. In the Display Options box, from the Grade Roster Type pull-down menu, select Mid-Term Grade or Final Grade.
    If both types are available, Final Grade will be the default.
    The Student Grade page appears.

    Example of Grade Roster

  8. To assign a grade to a student, click on their Roster Grade pull-down menu.
    The appropriate grading basis appears in the dropdown list.

  9. Select the appropriate grade.
    Note: Students no longer attending your class should be assigned a grade of XF.
    Final Grades only with XF grade: Type the last date they came to class in the Last Date Attended text box. This is done to meet UW-Eau Claire's Federal Financial Aid statutes involving students who unofficially withdraw from the university. Repeat for each student.

  10. If you are not able to grade the entire class, click Save Save grades and return later to finish grading.

  11. See the next section to Submit the grades and permit the Registrar's Office to post to student transcripts.

Submitting Grades

When you have finished entering grades,

  1. Student grades will not be posted until Approved. After you have graded all students, from the Approval Status pull-down menu, select Approved. Click Save.

    Grade approval status
  2. Once you set your grades to Approved status, a nightly process will post the grades to student transcripts. Throughout the grading process, grade rosters may appear on the My Schedule menu with the following statuses:

    • Not Graded: No grades have been recorded.
    • Partially Graded: Some grades have been recorded, but not all.
    • Not approved: All grades have been assigned, but roster needs to be put into Approved Status (see above).
    • Approved: Grade roster has been successfully graded and is in Approved status. No action needed. A nightly process will post the grades to student transcripts.
    • Posted: Grades have been successfully assigned, Approved and Posted to student transcripts.

Grading status display


  • When grades are in Approved status they cannot be changed. You must move the status back into Not Reviewed to make any changes. See the Changing Grades section below.
  • Students will not see their grades until the Registrar's Office posts them to the student record. During the final grading period of a term, grades will post automatically at 6:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, 6:00 p.m., and 12:00 midnight. All other times during a term, Summer or Winterim, grades are posted every evening at approximately 6:00 p.m.
  • At this time MyBlugold CampS will not email faculty when grades have been successfully submitted.
    Please refer to the grade statuses above.


Changing Grades

If after setting the Approval Status to Approved you realize a student has an incorrect grade, it can be changed.

  1. If the Registrar's Office has not yet posted the grades,
    1. From the Approval Status pull-down menu, select Not Reviewed.
      You can make changes to student grades.
    2. When finished, from the Approval Status pull-down menu, select Approved.
    3. Click Save.

  2. If the grades have been posted but the grading deadline has not passed,
    1. In the Grade Roster Action box, click Request Grade Change.

      Request Grade Change

    2. Change the appropriate student grades.
    3. Click Submit.
      A message will appear next to the changed grade. The new grade will be posted.
    4. When finished, click Return to Grade Roster.

  3. If the grade deadline has passed, fill out a Grade Change eform.