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D2L Students: Login

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Whenever you click on the D2L link on any university web page, you will be taken to a page that looks like this.

new login page

Rather than being taken directly to a login screen, you will now log in using a specific login button depending on the type of user account you have.

Campus Account

This option is for students and faculty/staff with regular, campus automated email addresses. Anyone with this type of address is now required to login through the Wisconsin Federation System.

  1. Click on the Campus Account button.
    You will be directed to a new login screen.

    system login

  2. Enter your regular username and password.

  3. Click Login and you will be taken to the normal D2L homepage.

Non-Campus Account

This option is for users who have special access to a D2L course or have been given specific permission to view D2L courses, examples include UWEC instructors logging in with their generic student credentials, instructors and students, visitors to UWEC, and staff who have a username in the format of Firstname.Lastname.

  1. Click on Non-Campus Account.

  2. You will be taken to your accustomed login page. 

  3. Enter your username and password and you can access your D2L Homepage as you normally would.
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