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Grades: Keeping Final Grades Updated

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Keeping Final Grades Updated

In D2L, you can choose to have the Calculated final grade recalculated every time you make a change to your gradebook. This option may make your gradebook load more slowly. Keeping the final grade updated means you will see accurate final grades; students will not see final grades in D2L until you release them.

  1. On the navigation bar, click Grades.

  2. Click Settings at the top right of the screen:Settings

  3. Click the Calculation Options tab.

  4. Look over the Grade Calculations section and review your selections.

    a. Drop ungraded items means students' grades will be calculated based on the grades entered. Blank or ungraded items are not included in the final grade calculation.

    b. Treat ungraded items as 0 sets all ungraded items at zero (0) until you enter grades. This option makes students' final grades seem artificially low.

    c. Recommended Option: Select Drop ungraded items and enter zeroes for missing assignments.

  5. Select Automatically keep final grades updated.

  6. ClickSave » click Yes.

Releasing Final Grades to Students

  1. On the navigation bar, click Grades.

  2. Scroll to the Final Grades column on the far right, click the arrow to the right of Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade, and select Grade All from the dropdown menu. You are now on the Final Grades page. Once the final grades are calculated, you can release them to students.

    Note: Be sure you have calculated the version of the final grade you have chosen for release. Check the heading in the release column (second from right) on the Final Grades page to verify your selection.

  3. Click on the arrow to the right of Final Grades at the top of the page and choose Release All from the dropdown menu.

    Final Grades

  4. A confirmation window will appear. Click Yes.

    Confirm Release

  5. Notice that the checkboxes in the Release...Grade column are checked:

    Release Checks

  6. Click Save at the bottom of the screen. The final grades are now released to students.
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