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Gradebook: SetupWizard

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The Setup Wizard in D2L is an easy way to set up your grade book. This document walks you through the steps. Note that you can click Go Back at any time to view a previous step.

Grade Settings

  1. From the Course Home page, on the Navigation bar, click Grades. The User List screen appears.

  2. Choose Setup Wizard tab near the top of the screen.

    Grade Setup Wizard

  3. Click Start. Step 1: Choose Grading System appears.

    Wizard Step 1

  4. Select the desired grading system.
    1. Weighted System: Each item or category is worth a percentage of the final grade.
    2. Points System: Each item is worth a set number of points, and the final grade is the number of points earned divided by the total number of points possible.
    3. Formula System: Write a formula for grading that uses points.

  5. Click Continue. Step 2: Final Grade Release appears.

    Wizard Step 2

  6. Select Calculate Final Grade or Adjusted Final Grade. Descriptions are given for both options.
    Students do not see final grades until released by the instructor.

    Note: Adjusted Final Grade allows you more flexibility.

  7. Click Continue. Step 3: Grade Calculations appears.

    Wizard Step 3

  8. Make the desired selections.

    If you choose Treat ungraded items as 0, students' final grades will appear much lower than their graded coursework suggests. Grade items you have not yet assigned will show a grade of zero (0) until you manually overwrite that grade.

    If you choose Drop ungraded items, dashes will appear in the columns of ungraded items. If a student does not submit an assignment or take a quiz in D2L, the missed grade item will not be included in the final grade calculation until a grade for that assignment or quiz is entered manually.

    If you select Automatically keep final grade updated, D2L will keep the final calculated grade updated in the course gradebook. However, the gradebook may take longer to load, especially if you have a large class and/or lots of grade items.

  9. Click Continue. Step 4: Choose Default Grade Scheme appears.

    Wizard Step 4

  10. Choose the desired scheme by clicking the radio button next to the desired scheme in the Default Scheme column. To learn about a scheme, click the icon in the Preview column:

  11. Click Continue. Step 5: Managing (Instructor) View Display Options appears--this controls what faculty see in the gradebook in your course.

    Wizard Step 5
  12. In the text box, type the number of digits you want displayed after the decimal point.

  13. Click Continue. Step 6: Student View Display Options appears. You control what students see in the gradebook in your course.

    Wizard Step 6

  14. Make the desired changes.

    Note: For more information about any item, click the Get Help icon next to the item:

  15. Click Continue. Step 7: Grades Setup Summary appears.

    Wizard Step 7

  16. This is a summary of all the settings you have chosen. If you wish to make changes, click Go Back. If you are satisfied with your changes, click Finish.

  17. You are now ready to create grade items and categories. A screen appears with a number of options, providing direct links to these tasks.

    Grade Options

For guidance in creating and editing grade items and grade categories, please refer to the Grade Setup documentation.

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