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Printing from Mobile Devices

Follow the instructions below to print from your mobile device on the UW-Eau Claire campus.

  1. Send an email to with the file(s) you wish to print attached.

    This will only be possible from your UW-Eau Claire email account.

    Note: This process can only be completed with files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, Open Office products, text files, and rich text files. Files from Microsoft Office products must be from Office 2003 or later.

    Be aware that this means you will not be able to print images directly. You can work around this problem by inserting an image file into a Word document. With a Word document open, go to the Insert tab and select Picture, then browse to the desired image and double-click it. The image will insert into the document, and you may resize it as desired. You may then simply print the Word document, with the end result being much the same as if you had directly printed the image.

  2. You will receive an automated email in response with a list of available printers and their locations, as well as this link to follow: You can also go to this link in a web browser on a computer.

  3. Login with your UWEC username and password.

    Mobile Print Email
  4. Choose the file you wish to print from the Select a File dropdown menu.

    Mobile Print Service Page

  5. Enter the printer name in the box provided. The name of the printer can be found on a label on top of the printer.

  6. If you wish to print on both sides of the paper, select Duplex Print Job.

  7. Click Print File to print the selected file.

  8. To delete a file from the queue, choose the file you wish to delete from the Select a File dropdown menu and click Delete File.

  9. Optional: Click Send Feedback to submit feedback regarding the process.

  10. When you are finished, click Log Out.

Help Desk

For more information or to request a service, contact the LTS Help Desk:
HelpDeskLogo715-836-5711 | | OL1106