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MyBlugold CampS

ADA: Major, Minor and Advisor Changes
A combination of 5 documents to assist ADAs: Changing a Student's Plan or Adding a Plan; Changing a Student's Program and Plan; Changing a Student's Catalog (Requirement Term); Adding or Changing a Student's Advisor; and Catalog, Plan, Program, Advisor Update Troubleshooting.
ADA: Navigation Tips
Tips and tricks for administrative support to keep in mind when navigating MyBlugold CampS.
Guests: Navigation in MyBlugold CampS
Helpful information regarding how to use the menu system to navigate within MyBlugold CampS.
Guests: Public Search in the Class Schedule
Learn how, through the Guest CampS login page, to search the Class Schedule in MyBlugold CampS to find information about classes being offered.
MyBlugold CampS Terminology
A dictionary of MyBlugold CampS terminology and abbreviations.
Request Access
How to gain access to MyBlugold CampS, Data Warehouse, and legacy Bridge functions
Students: Degree Audit- How to Read
Learn how to read and utilize the new degree audit format.
Students: MyBlugold CampS FAQs
A comprehensive FAQ and troubleshooting guide for MyBlugold CampS.