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Sharing a Copy of Your Survey

You can give a copy of your survey to someone else to use. This is different from sharing ownership of your survey, as you will not have access to the copy of the survey after you have shared it. You will not see changes the recipient makes, and vice versa.

Note: The person you will be sending a copy to must have a Qualtrics account. This means he or she must have logged in to Qualtrics as least once.

  1. From the My Surveys tab, in the Tasks column, for the desired survey, click Copy. 
    The Copy Survey dialog box appears.

    copy survey

  2. From the Copy to pull-down menu, select Another User Account.

  3. In the Username text box, type the username of the person you want to copy the survey to in this format: username#uweauclaire.

    Example: doejh#uweauclaire

    If the username is recognized, it will appear in a highlighted box below the Username text box.
  4. Click Copy  copy
    The survey copy will now appear in the My Surveys tab of the selected user.