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The Polls Tab

Polls are simple, single-question surveys that are used to take a vote or measure feedback. All of the information and tools for creating polls are located on the Polls tab. Using the Polls toolbar and the Poll Tasks you will be able to design the poll, customize the appearance, edit, and post the poll in an email or on a website. The following features will be explained in this document:

Polls Toolbar

Use the Polls Toolbar to create a new poll to distribute or include on a website.
polls toolbar

Poll Tasks Toolbar

Once you have typed your poll information, you can use the Poll Tasks next to the desired poll to edit the question, view poll results, customize the appearance, copy the poll, and delete it when necessary.

Displays the Edit Poll screen where the poll name, question, and response options can be changed.

Displays the Poll Results so you can review your response data.

Look & Feel
Allows you to change the appearance of the poll by selecting colors, size, font, and button design.

Allows you to copy the poll to use as a separate poll. You can also send a copy of your poll to another Qualtrics user.

Deletes the poll and all responses to it.