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The Panels Tab

Panels are used in conjunction with the Survey Mailer. Using a Panel with Survey Mailer allows you to determine who has completed your survey, send reminders only to those who have not completed the survey, and direct responses from a panel to a specific response set. The following features will be explained in this document:

Panels Toolbar

Groups of survey participants can be organized into panels. Creating panels allows you to distribute surveys to a mailing list and easily monitor feedback. The Panels toolbar provides the basic tools to create, review, and distribute surveys to panels.

panels toolbar

Panel Actions

Located on the Panels tab, the Panel Actions toolbar allows you to quickly access, use, and delete panels.
panel actions

Export Panel
Exports Panel information in XML, HTML, or CVS format.

Embedded Data
Displays imported data other than name and email address.

Move Panel
Allows you to organize your panels by moving a Panel to a different Category in the Panel Library.

Send Email
Allows you to distribute surveys directly to Panel members by email.