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Using the Survey Mailer: Advanced Options

When you are using the Survey Mailer in Qualtrics to distribute your survey, you have access to Advanced Options that will give you the ability to customize your sending options. This document will show you hot to access and use the Advanced Options.

Accessing the Survey Mailer Advanced Options Dialog Box

Advanced Options will give you greater customization ability when it comes to the distribution of your survey. To access these options:

  1. From the My Surveys tab, in the Tasks column for the desired survey, click Send.

  2. From the Distribute Survey options, click Email Survey  email survey

  3. Select the Survey Mailer tab
    The Survey Mailer options appear.

  4. Click Advanced Options
    The Advanced Options dialog box appears.
    HINT: The Advanced Options link is located below the body of the message.

Survey Mailer Advanced Options

Once you have accessed the Survey Mailer Advanced Options dialog box, you can configure the options to your liking. The following describes the available advanced options

Survey Link Type
The Survey Link Type specifies anonymity and number of responses. For more information, refer to Using the Survey Mailer to Control Access to Your Survey. The available options are as follows:

 survey link types

Email Expires In
The Email Expires In option gives you the ability to select the number of days the emailed survey link will actively provide access to the survey. This is available only with the Individual Link option.

Target Response Set
The Target Response Set options gives you the ability to separate results from your survey so that you can compare results from the same survey over a period of time. For example, if you have a class take a course evaluation survey in the middle of the semester and at the end of the semester, the Target Response Set option will separate these two survey results so that you can later compare and contrast the data. This is available only with the Individual Link option.