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Online/Mobile Apps
Backing up iPad to iTunes
iBooks Author
Online/Mobile Apps
Adding a Qualtrics Poll to Desire2Learn
Creating a Survey: Create from Copy
Creating a Survey: Quick Survey Builder
Creating a Survey: Survey Library
Customizing the Results Report
Deleting a Panel
Distributing Your Poll
Distributing Your Survey
Modifying Panels
Qualtrics: Accessing Through UWEC
Qualtrics: Course Evaluations
Sharing a Copy of Your Survey
Survey Options: Survey Experience
Survey Options: Survey Protection
Survey Options: Survey Termination
The Create Survey Tab
The Distribute Survey Tab
The Edit Survey Tab
The Library Tab
The My Surveys Tab
The Navigational Tools
The Panels Tab
The Polls Tab
The View Results Tab
Using Spell Check
Using the Qualtrics Survey System
Using the Survey Mailer to Control Access to Your Survey
Using the Survey Mailer: Advanced Options
Viewing the Initial Report
Working with Library Items
MyBlugold CampS
ADA: Navigation Tips
Guests: Navigation in MyBlugold CampS
Guests: Public Search in the Class Schedule
MyBlugold CampS Terminology
Request Access
Blugold Insider Intranet and Digital Workplace
Campus-Specific Programs
Classroom Control Panel Guide
Lab Anywhere (Virtual Lab)
Mobile Support
Printing from Mobile Devices
D2L Faculty
D2L Faculty
D2L Student
D2L Students
D2L Students: A Quick Start
D2L Students: Account Preferences
D2L Students: An Overview of Course Tools
D2L Students: Calendar
D2L Students: Chat
D2L Students: Content
D2L Students: Course Home & News
D2L Students: Discussions
D2L Students: Dropbox
D2L Students: Email
D2L Students: FAQs
D2L Students: Groups
D2L Students: Login
D2L Students: Mobile Access
D2L Students: My Home
D2L Students: Online Rooms
D2L Students: Quizzes
D2L Students: Using HTML Editor/Spell Check
Allowing Comments and Rubric Assessments on Your Content
Creating Artifacts
Creating Collections
Creating Presentations
Creating Reflections
D2L ePortfolio
Exporting Presentations to HTML
Importing and Exporting ePortfolio Items
Removing Sharing Permissions
Setting Up Sharing Groups
Sharing Items
Submitting Items to a Dropbox Folder for Assessment
Tagging Your Content
Understanding My Items
Using the Dashboard and other Settings
SharePoint Support
Blugold Insider: Assisted Work Time Sessions
Blugold Insider: Activating the Publishing Feature
Blugold Insider: Embedding a Video
Blugold Insider: Resources
Blugold Insider: RSS Viewer Web Part
Blugold Insider: Using Image Libraries and Galleries
MyBlugold: Lists and Libraries
MyBlugold: Pages and Web Parts
MyBlugold: Site and Page Types
MyBlugold: Using Web Parts
Network Drives
Creating a Public Link to an Individual File
Establishing File & Folder Level Permissions: Windows 7
Network Drives
TreeSize Professional
VPN (Off-Campus)
Web Access (Off-Campus)
Adding/Removing Names from a Distribution List
Apple Mobile Devices
Configuring Off Campus Access to Email: for Use without VPN
Getlist and Gradebook
Microsoft Outlook/Webmail
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2011 for Mac
Outlook 2013
Outlook Webmail 2010
Scheduling Assistant
Using Student Distribution Lists
General Help Topics
Microsoft Office
Misc. Requested Documentation
Data Warehouse Reporting
Design a Research or CERCA Poster
Installing Software on Office Computers
LTS Poster Printing for Research and CERCA Posters
Creative Commons Music
Project Pre-Production
Microsoft Office
Excel 2010 (Windows)
Excel 2011 (Mac)
Excel 2013 (Windows)
Export to PDF
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft Office 2011 (Mac)
Microsoft Office 2013
PowerPoint 2010 (Windows)
PowerPoint 2011 (Mac)
PowerPoint 2013 (Windows)
Word 2010 (Windows)
Word 2011 (Mac)
Word 2013 (Windows)
Operating Systems
Operating Systems
Windows 7
Windows 7-ShadowCopy
Security and Privacy
Security and Privacy