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Student Payroll

Students - Online Timesheets

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Step by step instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns with the new process please email the UWEC Student Payroll mailbox or telephone 715.836.2513.  Office staff will be prepared to assist you. 

Student Manager Information

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Updated Student Pay Calendar

2015-16 Student Pay Calendar pdf

If you are a new student you will need to do the following immediately.

See your supervisor to complete your payroll forms.

-Complete an I-9 pdfform.  See instructions.

-Complete a W-4pdf form.  See instructions.

-Complete a Paycheck Distribution Formpdf.

-Make sure you receive an email containing your employment "eligibility" information.  Your supervisor will enter your payroll "eligibility" information on a web form, which will generate an email on campus.  The email will contain the following information:  your supervisor's name, the account code you will be paid from, your hourly rate of pay, and your funding source.  Without this information on file in the payroll office, you will not be paid.  Also, you will need this information in order to complete a time sheet.

-The email will also inform you if you need to complete an I-9, tax form, or paycheck distribution form or if you already have these forms on file.  If you have completed these forms (i.e. I-9, tax form, and paycheck distribution form), it is not necessary to complete new forms for each job you have on campus.

If you are a new international student, you will receive two important emails.  The first will be sent from the UW Service Center (UWHRAdministration@ohr.wisc.edu).  The second will be sent by Glacier (support@online-tax.net).  Each email will contain important instructions and information needed for the employee to comply with the information submission requirements.  Student employee can accomplish this using any computer with internet access, then delivering all Glacier-generated reports and forms, along with requested immigration document photocopies to Human Resources in Schofield Hall Room 220.

International students still need to complete an I9 and Direct Deposit form.  A Criminal Background check is also required prior to the student working.

Student Employment Manual

Health Insurance Marketplace

Beginning in 2014, the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires most everyone to obtain health insurance for themselves and their dependents or pay a penalty when filing their tax returns.  The Marketplace (or Exchange) is a new option for people to obtain health insurance. 



-What do most students claim?  Most students claim single and 0 or 1 allowance

- Can students claim additional withholding?  Yes, they can.

- Does claiming 0 exemptions mean that no taxes will be withheld?  No, that will put them in the maximum tax withholding bracket.

- What does claiming exempt mean?   Exempt means they do not wish to have any taxes withheld. If I claim a number of exemptions, can I also claim exempt?  No, they cannot.  They can claim single and 1 or exempt, but not both.

-  If the student has more than one job, do they have to file more than one set of tax forms?  No, they do not.

- When do students need to update their tax forms?  Only at the beginning of the calendar year if claiming exempt or whenever they wish to change their exemptions.

- I am not claiming exempt, why aren’t taxes being withheld?   You may not earn enough within a bi-weekly pay period to have taxes withheld.


- To be in compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, an I-9 form must be completed within the first three days of employment.  It is not legal for a student to work without a completed I-9 form.

- The payroll office will not be able to process any payment without a completed I-9 on file.

- It is the responsibility of the student to complete section 1 on the I-9 form.  You, the supervisor, will need to view either one item from List A or one item from each List B and List C.

- The usual documents to view are the driver’s license (or University ID) and an original social security card (or an original birth certificate)

- Complete the bottom (signature area) of section 2 and submit to Payroll Office as soon as possible.

- Send all international student employees to the Payroll Office for completion of I-9 form.

- Any problems or unusual questions should be referred to the Student Payroll, 36-4068.


I lost my social security card. What should I do? You can pick up an application for a new card at the payroll office, or you can go directly to the Social Security Administration Office to complete an application. It generally takes two weeks to get a social security card.

- Do I really need an original social security card and birth certificate?  Yes, according to the regulations of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, an original is required.

- Can I start work now if I have requested, but have not received a social security card?  No.  The employer must view a social security card within three days of the beginning of employment to be in compliance with this federal regulation.

- I did not know that this identification documentation would be required before I could start work.  Why didn’t anyone tell me?  The financial aid packet you received in the mail at home instructed you to bring these documents to campus with you if you intended on seeking employment.


The following student wages are exempt if you are an:

Undergraduate during the academic year with six or more credits.

Graduate during the academic year with five or more credits.

Undergraduate and Graduate during summer session with 3 or more credits

International student with a visa code of A or R.

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