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Selective Service Registration

Newly hired males between the ages of 18 and through age 25 are required to be registered with the Selective Service before being hired by the State. This includes student assistants, permanent classified appointments, and unclassified staff whose employment is a necessary part of their training.

Any newly hired males that meet the above criteria must complete an affidavit to certify they have registered for the Selective Service. If a student has applied for financial aid at UW-Eau Claire, they have already provided the necessary information, and will not need to complete the affidavit.

For student employees there will be programming in place to assist in determining whether or not an affidavit must be completed.

Instructions for Selective Service

Before hiring a male student between the ages of 18 and through age 25, check their selective service registration information on Blugold, along with the I-9 , tax withholding information and federal work study eligibility.

  • If the student has shown proof of registration, the do not need to show it again.
  • If the student has not shown proof of registration, they must complete a Statement of Selective Service Compliance. pdf
  • If they have not registered for the Selective Service, they cannot be hired until AFTER they can show proof of registration.

If you have any questions regarding hiring male students between the ages of 18 and through age 25, contact Patty Johnson (Human Resources) for information. 

Before hiring a male University Staff member between the ages of 18 and through age 25, contact Melissa Binick (Human Resources) for information. This does not apply to University Staff Temporary.

Before hiring a male Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited member between the ages of 18 and through age 25 (their employment must be considered part of their training) you must check with Barb Hanson in Human Resources.

If further clarification is desired, the Selective Service System has a web site at www.sss.gov that defines who is required to register.

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