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This page includes general information about your pay dates, amounts that may be withheld or deducted from your pay check, and tax information for citizens and non-U.S. citizens. For tax Informational brochures and extensive information, visit the IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue web sites.

For more information about rates of pay for unclassified staff, including graduate assistants, see: Unclassified Personnel Guideline #4.

Employee Self-Serve - Classified staff

Please refer to the Employee Reference Guide. For specific situations please email Kris Bremness at bremnekk@uwec.edu.

For approvers refer to the Manager Self-Serve Reference Guide.

Employee Self-Serve - LTE staff

Please refer to the LTE Employee Reference Guide. For specific situations please email Melissa Binick at binickms@uwec.edu.

Reporting for Exempt Employees

If you are in a full time position, are in exempt status and work 5 eight hour days, all paid leave should be reported according to the following schedule:

  • Less than 2 hours used, report 0 hours' time off
  • 2 – 6 hours used, report 4 hours' time off
  • More than 6 hours used, report 8 hours' time off

If you are in a part time position and exempt from FLSA, you would still report actual hours. Employees working flex schedules should contact our office.

Fair Labor Standards Act indicates an expectation that an exempt individual will work a minimum of 40 hours per week, so this should not be viewed as a way to work less than full time, or to take advantage of the professional aspect of the intent of the law.

While we use hourly rates to determine full salary, exempt staff are actually considered “salaried”.  Consequently, in the University Personnel System draft implementation proposal, all exempt positions would become academic staff.

If you have any questions regarding this reporting structure, please feel free to contact Duane VanDresar at vandred or 36-4202, or Kris Bremness at bremnekk or 36-5389.

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