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Employee Benefits - Leave Benefits

Leave benefits may be authorized by federal regulations, state statutes, University of Wisconsin guidelines or collective bargaining agreements. They are a valuable asset to university employees both providing financial compensation and accommodating family, professional, civic and personal needs.

Sick leave, vacation, and personal and legal holidays often come to mind when the topic of leave is considered, but the University also offers other significant leave benefits to eligible employees.

Certain leave provisions, such as with a military or family medical leave of absence, may protect your insurance benefits while you are off work, or allow you to return to an equivalent position when the leave is over. Faculty sabbatical leave or a leave to serve in unclassified service promotes professional growth and fulfillment.

In the case of a catastrophic leave donation you may have the satisfaction of helping a colleague through a traumatic personal or family illness or injury. Likewise, should you decide to give the gift of life, you may receive up to five workdays with pay for a bone marrow donation and up to 30 workdays with pay for a human organ donation.

Jury duty or witness leave and voting leave, support performance of your civic duties.

If you need to be away from work for a time and have no paid leave available, an unpaid leave of absence may be a good option. In the event of layoff, you should review how your benefits will be impacted.

Whether the leave is paid or unpaid, the University's leave provisions are an important element in the overall employee benefit package.

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