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Employee Benefits - Insurance

The University of Wisconsin System provides a very good insurance package for university employees. Some insurance plans are offered to all state employees and are managed by the Wisconsin Group Insurance Board and the Department of Employee Trust Funds. Others are offered only to university employees and are managed by the UW System Administration Office of Staff Benefits.

  • Health Insurance

    You have a choice of several different managed care and fee-for-service plans. In addition, you can elect a supplementary major medical plan and/or a dental insurance plan, and you can set aside money pre-tax to pay uninsured medical bills through an Employee Reimbursement Account.

  • Life Insurance

    You have a choice of three different plans. Unclassified staff have mandatory coverage in a fourth plan. Several of the plans include extra benefits for accidental death or dismemberment. In addition, you can elect an accidental death and dismemberment insurance plan.

  • Income Continuation Insurance

    Provides you with income while you are temporarily or permanently unable to work. One plan is available. Long-term disability benefits are also included in WRS benefits and under social security.

  • Dental Insurance

    Partial coverage of your dental expenses is available through several different plans.

  • Vision Insurance

    Partial coverage of your expenses for eyeglasses, contact lenses and exams is available through one plan.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

    You can insure yourself, your spouse, or your parent(s) and pay premiums by payroll deduction. Several different providers are available.

  • Unemployment Insurance

    If your position ends or if you are involuntarily terminated, you may be eligible for unemployment insurance (UI).

The university contributes to the premiums for the State of Wisconsin health, life and income continuation plans, thereby increasing the value of your total compensation. Other university-sponsored plans offer favorable group rates and convenient payroll deduction to employees. Some health and life insurance premiums are taken from your salary on a pretax basis, saving you money.

Many of the plans require Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) coverage or eligibility for the State Group Health Plan as a prerequisite for enrollment.

Plans usually have a specific window of opportunity during which you can enroll without proving acceptable good health. Your open enrollment deadline depends on your employee group and your prior WRS coverage history. Before signing up, read about the insurance plans described here to determine which ones fit your present and future needs.

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