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Classified Employment


Applicants for Classified Civil Service employment in the State of Wisconsin are required to take an examination for each Civil Service classification that they are interested in. Exams and vacant positions are posted on Wisc.Jobs. The exams create pools of qualified candidates that are used by all State of Wisconsin government agencies, including the University of Wisconsin System.


We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed the revision of the Office Support Exam. Some of the titles previously covered by the Office Support Exam have been removed so a listing has been provided after this notice of those titles that will remain associated with the new Office Support Exam.

More information - New Exam Notice from OSER (Office of State Employment Relations) pdf

How can I get a State job?

Most jobs in state service require an application and an examination to measure your qualifications. Depending on the type of job, the exam may be a written multiple choice or essay test, a rating of training and experience, a performance test, an oral exam, or some combination of these or other types of exams.

How do I apply?

Application requirements vary for different jobs. Follow instructions on each job posting. Follow them closely. For jobs requiring a written examination, report to the test location listed in the announcement, on the date listed. Bring your completed application with you. You may take more than one exam, but you must complete all tests in the four hours that our test center is open.

You may also sign up to receive employment announcements for University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire by email. To subscribe, send an email to employment-request@listserve.uwec.edu with SUBSCRIBE in the body, please make sure that your signature (if you have one) is removed when you send the email. You will receive an email confirming your subscription.

How can I identify the locations where I wish to work?

Vacancies can occur throughout Wisconsin or only in certain locations. Each announcement lists the areas where vacancies are anticipated. You will only be considered for jobs in the locations where you state you will work (Question #18 on the Application). Do not check any area unless you are sure you will accept a job there. If you turn down an interview or offer, your name may be removed from the employment list.

What happens after the exam?

You will receive a Notice of Examination Results several weeks after your exam. For each title in this bulletin, we will create a list of applicants who pass the exam and are eligible to be interviewed. Only applicants who score the highest may be interviewed or receive further consideration. As positions are filled, we will provide more names and move further down the list of eligible applicants. Employment lists are normally used for 6 to 12 months. More examinations may be scheduled if names need to be added to the employment list.

Can I re-use my exam score?

Your score on an exam is valid for six months from your test date. You may take the exam when it is offered again after six months. If the same exam is offered within six months from your last test date, you cannot take the exam. If this happens, however, you can request to reuse your original score for six more months. If you reuse your score, it will be valid for six months from the register date listed on the new Notice that you will receive several weeks after your request. This Notice will show your reused score along with your current rank on the employment list. To request reuse of a score, send in a completed Application(DER-MRS-38) with "REUSE" written across the top, no later than one day before the exam date listed in the announcement. Send your request to DMRS; P.O. Box 7855; Madison, WI 53707-7855.

Who do I contact for more information?

Call the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Human Resources at (715) 836-2513 if you have questions or need more information.


Typing proficiency test:

If you wish to be considered for positions in classifications that have a typing speed and accuracy requirement, you must take a typing test. You may take the test at any time, before or after the civil services exam date. You must type at least 45 good words per minute to be eligible. If you do not pass the typing test with a minimum of 45 good words per minute, you may make arrangements with Job Service to reschedule another test. Please call ahead to the nearest Wisconsin Job Service Office offering the typing test to schedule an appointment.

Some classifications which may have this requirement include, but are not limited to, Clerical Assistants, Clerical Supervisors, Data Entry Operators, Data Entry Supervisors, Employment Security Assistants, Job Service Associates, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Library Services Assistants, Motor Vehicle Representatives, Personnel Assistants, Police Communications Operators, Program Assistants, Program Assistant Supervisors, Secretaries, Secretary Supervisors, Tax Representative Assistants, Technical Typists, Typists, Unemployment Compensation Associates, Word Processing Operators, Word Processing Supervisors. NOTE: Not all positions in these classifications require typing ability. Your results will remain on file as a pass/fail until further notice. This is a qualification attached to your applicant record and used in conjunction with a civil service exam to identify applicants who possess typing ability.

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