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Samuel R. Castonguay

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Samuel R. Castonguay

Visiting Lecturer
Curriculum Vitae


  • B.Sc., Geology, University of Oregon, OR, 2010
  • M.Sc., Geology, University of Oregon, OR, 2013


  • Physical Geology

Research Interests

Field Geology, Structural Geology, Neotectonics and Paleoseismology, Volcano-tectonic interactions, Resource Geology, and Earth Science Literacy:
My research area in Southern Death Valley, CA is a complex region referred to as the Amargosa Chaos. There I am interested in the interaction between multiple generations of faults and more broadly how those faults relate to the mid-late Miocene evolution of the Death Valley Basin. In Eastern Oregon, I continue to research questions regarding the relationship between basaltic volcanism and extensional faulting and how that relationship changes the behavior of the crustal lithosphere. More site specific, I am interested in changes of the reoccurrence interval and slip-rate through time of the Crack-in-the-Ground (and related) fault(s) in Christmas Valley, OR, using paleoseimology techniques. I have interests in resource geology and human interactions, specifically regarding humans as an ore depositing agent. Earth Science Literacy is a very important topic that I continue to invest energy into advancing, through non-traditional teaching, outreach into communities and schools, and engaging in workshops.

My research is most often conducted collaboratively with researchers from other institutions: Death Valley with Dr. Marli Miller of University of Oregon; Basaltic volcanism with Dr. Tim Flood and Chaz Topico (undergraduate) of St. Norbert College, Dr. Paul Wallace of University of Oregon, Dr. Benjamin Mackey of University of Canterbury and Forest Friedrichs (undergraduate) of UW-Eau Claire; Paleoseismology of CITG with Dr. Ray Weldon or University of Oregon.


MACKEY, B.H.,CASTONGUAY, S.R., WALLACE, P.J., WELDON, R.J., (in review), Synachronous Late Pleistoncene Extensional Faulting and Basaltic Magmatism in Pluvial Fort Rock Basin, Central Oregon, Geosphere

CASTONGUAY, S.R, MILLER, M.B., 2012, Imbricate Faults and Folds in the Virgin Spring Chaos of Southern Death Valley, California, GSA Cordilleran Section Meeting, Oral Presentation and Abstract

CASTONGUAY, S.R., 2012, Starting a Geology Student Club Public Outreach Program, The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2012, PG 6

WELDON, R.J., STREIG, A.R., SCHARER, K., FUMAL, T.,CASTONGUAY, S.R., LIPPOLDT, R., ZACHARISAN, J., AUSTIN, L., 2011, Evaluating the Relationship between Lateral Slip and Repeated Fold Deformation along a Transtensive Step-over on the San Andreas Fault at the Frazier Mountain Site, AGU Fall Meeting, Poster Presentation and Abstract

CASTONGUAY, S.R, MACKEY, B.H., WELDON, R.J., 2011, Paleoseismology of Crack in the Ground Fault, AGU Fall Meeting, Poster Presentation and Abstract

CARVER, G.A., BEMIS, S.P., SOLIE, D.N.,CASTONGUAY, S.R., OBERMILLER, K.E., 2010, Active and Potentially Active Faults in or near the Alaska Highway Corridor, Dot Lake to Tetlin Junction, Alaska, Alaska Department of Geological and Geophysical Surveys Preliminary Report 2010
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