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GEOL 303 at Jenny Lake, Tetons, WY

Earth Science Seminar Series (ESSS)

Department of Geology           Department of Geography & Anthropology

Seminars are held Friday at 4pm in Phillips Hall, room 117 (unless otherwise noted).  Refreshments and snacks will be provided.  Seminars are free and open to the public.

Fall 2014

 Date  Speaker  Title  Institution
Sep. 12 Mickey Kolis Brainball - Teaching as a Team Sport  UW-Eau Claire
Sep. 19 Kent Syverson So You're Interested in Applying to Graduate School??! UW-Eau Claire
Oct. 24 Jim Bannantine In-Situ Groundwater Remediation: The Intersection of Hydrogeology, Chemistry, and Biology  Geosyntec Consultants
 Nov. 7 Jennifer Anderson The Sudbury Impact Layer: Three Hours of Chaos 1.85 Billion Years Ago Winona State
Nov. 14 John Beck T.B.A.  CNI - Africa
Nov. 21 John Johnston Paleohydrographic Reconstructions from Strandplains of Beach Ridges in the Laurentian Great Lakes Wilfrid Laurier University
Dec. 4 Anne Gauer Vulcan Maptek
Dec. 5 Chad Underwood T.B.A. Eng. Partners International (UWEC alumnus)

Other Regional Earth Science Seminars/Events

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire - STEM : Ask a Scientist
University of Minnesota - Geology : Seminar
University of Minnesota - Geography : Event
University of Wisconsin-Madison - Geology : Seminar

The Earth Science Seminar Series is funded by the UW-Eau Claire Academic Affairs Professional Development Program,  UW-Eau Claire Foundation, College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Geography & Anthropology, and the Department of Geology. 

For more information please contact either Dr. Scott Clark (email: or Dr. Harry Jol (email:
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