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Scholarships for UWEC Geology Majors

Through the generosity of outstanding UWEC alumni and industry partners, several scholarships/grants are now available for comprehensive geology majors at UWEC. These include scholarships for:

· Incoming freshman from high school (Unimin Corp. Freshman Geology Scholarship, 5 @ $1000)
· Rising sophomores (i.e. students entering Geol 312; Unimin Corp. Sophomore Geology Scholarship, 4 @ $2500; WISA Geology Scholarship, 3 @ $1650)
· Rising juniors (i.e. students entering post-Geol 320 classes; Beckstrom Geology Scholarship, 1 @ $1000; Fairmount Santrol Responsible Mining Scholarship, 3 @ $2000)
· Seniors (Myers/Willis Field Camp Scholarship, 3 @ $500; Unimin Corp. Field Geology II Grant, ~$500 for each field camp student).

Please see the UW-Eau Claire Foundation website for more information about the individual scholarships listed below: UW-Foundation Scholarships

See a list of previous scholarship winners here in our Hall of Fame

Unimin Freshman Geology Scholarships ($1,000)

Five $1000 Unimin Freshman Geology Scholarships available for incoming freshmen – application deadline 2/1/16 (PDF)

Beckstrom Geology Major ($1,000)

(formerly Golder Associates Geology Scholarship)

The Beckstrom Geology Major Scholarship was established in 2005 by Gregory Beckstrom (BS'84) of Minneapolis, MN.  Gregory, a geology graduate, worked for more than 20 years for Golder Associates, a premier global group of engineering and environmental consulting companies.  In 2013, Greg joined AMEC Environment & Infrastructure- Americas as vice president and upper Midwest area manager. Applicants must be comprehensive geology majors at UW-Eau Claire with an outstanding academic record and demonstrated financial need. Academic accomplishments will be the major criterion for selection, but recipients must also demonstrate financial need. In addition, leadership and participation in extracurricular activities will be considered. Click on the Beckstrom Geology link for more information.

Myers/Willis Field Camp Scholarship ($500) 

This scholarship honors Drs. Paul Myers and Ronald Willis, emeriti professors in the UW-Eau Claire Geology Department.  Paul and Ron were instrumental in establishing geology field camp experiences in the western United States.  These field camps cemented our reputation as a field-based, hands-on geology department.  Departmental faculty will select the top students from Geology 470 (Field Camp I) who are also enrolled in Geology 471 (Field Camp II) to receive the scholarships.  Recipients receive the scholarships for the summer course.  If additional funding exists, the chair of the Geology Department can award additional scholarships to students with high financial need.  Click on the Myers/Willis Field Camp Scholarship link for more information.

Unimin Corp. Freshman Geology Scholarship ($1000) 

This scholarship will be awarded to academically talented and motivated incoming freshmen.  The awards will promote educational opportunities and encourage gifted academic leaders who are interested in majoring in geology.  Students who are majoring in Geology and have a demonstrated aptitude for the physical sciences will be considered for this scholarship.  Candidates must rank in the top 25% of their graduating class or have a GPA of 3.2 or greater.  Preference will be given to candidates who show a strong academic record, involvement in extracurricular activities, and outstanding leadership potential.

Unimin Corp. Sophomore Geology Scholarship ($2500) 

Four scholarships will be awarded to academically talented and motivated comprehensive geology majors who will be taking Geology 312 (Mineralogy and Petrology I) during the fall semester.  The scholarships are intended for students who are the equivalent of rising sophomores in the geology program, but students with other class ranks and transfer students are eligible as well. Recipients must have a declared comprehensive major in Geology, must be enrolled in GEOL 312 (Min-Pet I) in the following fall semester, have a GPA of 3.0 or greater, and have a strong academic record.  Involvement in extracurricular and Department of Geology activities and outstanding leadership potential will be considered assets. 

Four $2500 Unimin Corp. Sophomore Scholarships available - (PDF) (Deadline 4/1/2016)

WISA Geology Scholarship ($1,650)

The Wisconsin Industrial Sand Association (WISA) is a statewide organization formed in 2012 to promote safe and environmentally sound sand mining standards, promote evidence-based discussion, and create a positive dialogue among the industry, citizens, and government officials.  WISA has donated $5,000 to fund three scholarships for incoming Mineralogy-Petrology students.   

Several additional scholarships are available for science majors at UWEC:

George and Jeri Rossman Scholarship ($1,000)

Leoba Hogan Scholarship ($1,500)

Michael F. Friedrich Scholarship ($5,180)

Gritzmacher Scholarship ($1,000)

William Lieske Memorial Scholarship ($4,000)

Jerry & Elizabeth Smith Scholarship ($5,180)

Additional scholarships are available for undergraduate students across all disciplines at UWEC:

Kell Container Corporation Scholarship
for Faculty/Student Collaborative

Ronald McNair Post Baccalaureated Achievement Program
(Two-year program with finanical support for scholarly research)



Contact the Office of Financial Aid in Schofield 115 (715) 836-3373, for questions concerning financial aid at UWEC.

For scholarships offered at UW-Eau Claire, please see the UW-Eau Claire Foundation Scholarships website or for more specific Earth Science scholarships, please contact Dr. Phillip Ihinger