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British Columbia

British Columbia 1
Camping site near Mt Gamsby in Coast Range of west central BC

British Columbia 2
Kate examines an outcrop of Chatsquot LMI complex

British Columbia 3
Helicopter delivers Whitesail Lake research group to col near Black Dome

British Columbia 4
Rainbow West pilot Danny Hodson delivers team members to start of traverse in Coast Range of BC

British Columbia 5
Joe an Eau Claire student prepares to load a BC-Air float plane

British Columbia 6
Joe checking out a crevasse on a glacier covering Trapper Peak.

British Columbia 7
Morgan on ridge overlooking glacier in northwestern BC

British Columbia 8
Some of the senior researchers for the Whitesail project with Danny Hodson pilot and owner of Rainbow West Helicopter Charters.

British Columbia 9
Lori Snyder navigating for the pilot in central Coast Range of BC.

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