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ESSS Fall 2012

Fall 2012


Seminars are located in Phillips Hall 117 at 4:00pm
September 14
Olivia Iverson,
Title: Exploring a career in economic geology: An internship as a mine geologist at Chino Mine, NM
September 21
Daniel Feinstein, U.S.G.S Wisconsin Water Science Center
Title: Stresses on Water Availability in the Great Lakes Region - with special attention to the Lake Michigan Basin

September  28 

Jim Watkins, University of Oregon
Title: Chemical gradients around bubbles and crystals in obsidian: Geobarometry and geospeedometry
October 12
Anne Gauer, Maptek
Title: A career in mine geology, outside of a mine 
October 19
Megan Smith & Tonia O'Brian, Barr Engineering Company
Title: To Be Announced
October 26
Melissa Boerst, ALS - Geochemistry
Title: The geology of business: How conglomerates can be more than just pebbles and cobbles 
November 4-7
November 16
Amanda Lierman, Preferred Sands
Title: To Be Announced
November 23
Thanksgiving Break
November 30
Dr. Kent Syverson, UW-Eau Claire
Title: So You're Interested in Applying to Graduate School??!
December 7
Doug Hallum, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Title: Using a Total Water Budget Approach for Conjunctive Water Management Modeling
December 14
Last Day of Classes, No Speaker
December  17-21
Finals Week