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Lab Policies 

  1. NO food at the computers in the labs. Beverages with lids are acceptable.

  2. GEOGRAPHY course work has the highest priority in the lab followed by Geography related research. If a computer lab is busy, please leave non-essential computer activity for another time.

  3. Acceptable Use: Computers must be used in accordance with the University's Computer and Network Usage Guidelines ( and with all applicable Federal and state statutes including the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998 (

  4. Instant messaging is prohibited in the lab.

  5. Social networking and other non-academic activities must be kept to a minimum. 

  6. All files must be saved to the appropriate space on the W:Geog Drive. Files saved anywhere else will be removed during nightly maintenance.

  7. If you  leave a computer please log out and remove your belongings. If you need to run a time consuming process please move to P266A.

  8. If the lab is reserved for a class period, the instructor will announce that class will begin.  Please log off your machine and see if a computer is available; if so you may quietly work during the class, preferably on one of the computers on the east end of the room.

  9. If you are watching a film for class or listening to music please use headphones.