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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Geography and Anthropology offers:

Comprehensive Majors

  • Geography - Environmental Geography
  • Geography - International Geography 

Standard Majors

  • Geography - Liberal Arts
  • Geography - Teaching 


  • Geography - Liberal Arts
  • Geography - Teaching
  • Anthropology - Liberal Arts

Non-Degree Options

  • Geospatial Certificate Offerings

All Majors and Minor Forms 

Comprehensive and Standard Majors: All majors are required to take at least 5 elective courses from at least 3 of the advanced Geography approaches -- human geography, physical geography, human-environmental geography, regional geography, and geography techniques. Beyond this distribution requirement, majors can concentrate on one of the approaches, if they so choose.  Focusing on an approach is not, however, required.

Geography Minors: All minors are required to take at least 4 elective courses from at least 3 of the advanced geography approaches. Geography courses also are an important component of the interdisciplinary environmental science, society and culture minors.

Note: Geography is an integrative discipline majors that overlaps many other disciplines. Therefore, Geography majors are encouraged to minor or take courses in related areas, such as geology, biology, archaeology and anthropology, computer science, economics, history, mathematics, sociology, political science, and business.

Non-Degree Options

Geospatial Cetificate

As one of the Midwest’s top public universities, UW-Eau Claire gives students a distinct advantage in school, career and life, with dynamic and culturally diverse learning experiences and a vibrant community in which to live, learn and grow.

The geospatial certificate at UW-Eau Claire aligns with the Geospatial Competency Model (developed by the U.S. Department of Labor) and prepares students to meet the Geographic Information Systems Professional designation after completion of the certificate program.

The Department of Geography and Anthropology at UW-Eau Claire houses two fully dedicated computer laboratories, one dedicated research laboratory and an extensive array of geospatial technology equipment.

The Geospatial Certificate Program consists of four seperate options. 

Geospatial Certificate Offerings Page

Geospatial Certificate Contact Information:

Dr. Christina Hupy –

Dr. Cyril Wilson –

Dr. Sean Hartnett -

Dr. Joe Hupy -