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We all have a UW-Eau Claire story...

For almost 100 years, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Caire has been changing lives. We’re collecting and sharing the stories of what our University has made possible for students, faculty, alumni and friends. What has UW-Eau Claire made possible for you or those you know?
Tell us your story.

Gerald Jacobson

"I was starting my second year at UW-Eau Claire and did not have a clue in what I wanted for a major. That fall I took two economic classes (Fred Kolb and Mike Martin) and their teaching fired me to take economics as a major with a MBA in finance at University of Chicago. Those two beginning course shaped my life and career. I am willing to give back to help future students also get a chance to change their life."

Jill Muenich

"I am a first generation college graduate. It meant a lot to my family to achieve this at our local UW-Eau Claire Campus. I am a friend of UW-Eau Claire because the university provided me with possibilities I never thought possible, student organization, leadership, business. I believe in the study abroad program. Thanks for all you do!"

Chuck Graupner

"UW-Eau Claire made what came later a possibility. Most importantly I met my wife of 34 years in the library reading room. She wore bib overalls and had long braids-I was a goner. As a small town farm boy, I was plenty naïve about life when I arrived at college. UW-Eau Claire gave me the academic go times of a big campus without the intimidation or the anonymity. UW-Eau Claire allowed me to splash around in the shallow end of the pool and gradually adapt to the deep end. Thus when I graduated I had not only the needed academic tools but also the confidence necessary to achieve success in law school and in a very challenging career."

David Kamm

"Attending UW-Eau Claire was absolutely one of the great experiences of my life. I met so many great and interesting people, from my roommates and classmates to truly outstanding professors and staff. I started at UW-Eau Claire being relatively confident in my skills and abilities. By the time I graduated, I was absolutely confident that I was ready to begin my accounting career and that I would be very successful in whatever direction my career path took me. To this day, I have incredibly strong memories and feeling about UW-Eau Claire. I try to visit at least twice a year, not only to relive some of my great UW-Eau Claire memories and to walk the campus, but to also reflect on the great life and academic Experiences that were provided to me."

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