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graduating class challenge

Go down in history as the Best Blugold Class

The UW-Eau Claire Foundation challenges recent graduates to do something small that can make a big difference for future Blugolds — and secure your class’s place in the history of UW-Eau Claire in time for the university’s 100-year celebration!

The Challenge

It’s easy! Just make a gift in honor of your graduation year! If you graduated in 2013, make a gift of $20.13. Then, continue giving that same amount or more every year. The Graduation Class Challenge will end with the centennial celebration. Those who continue to give every year from the year they graduated until 2016 will receive special recognition. Prove that you are the best class in 100 years of Blugolds!

How will the funds be used?

You can give directly to any program, organization, or fund of your choice, including the new Blugold Emergency Support Fund or the UW-Eau Claire Excellence Fund. The Excellence Fund supports a variety of scholarships, programs and the university’s greatest areas of need. Gifts to any fund count as participation in the Graduation Class Challenge.

Make a difference

You have successfully "walked that walk." Here's your opportunity to give other students help in reaching their potential.

Gifts to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation help provide scholarships, classroom resources, study abroad programs, and much more.

Thank you for supporting your alma mater!

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The Power of Possible Centennial Campaign
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