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Maureen Lau Scholarship

Maureen Lau Scholarship

Grace Lau (right) established the Maureen Lau Scholarship in memory of her younger sister, who died at age 27, to assist young women from Asia studying in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields. Lau received her bachelor of science degree from UW-Eau Claire in 1973 with a major in biology and chemistry. She knows personally how difficult it can be for young Chinese women to afford a college education.

"I came, like Sookie, as a foreign student from Hong Kong to study at UW-Eau Claire; the university was very generous to me," Lau said. "I was able to go through four years with a full scholarship, because my family would not have been able to afford to send me and then my younger sister a year later. So I always feel like I need to give back to the university."

Scholarship recipient Hengzhou “Sookie” Liu (left) from Anhui HeFei, China is majoring in mathematics and physics at UW-Eau Claire through the Center for International Education’s China 1+2+1 program. Students who complete the 1+2+1 program receive two degrees: one from a Chinese university and one from an American university. After completing her first year of college in China, Liu came to UW-Eau Claire in 2013. She decided to stay for two years to complete her double major before returning to finish an engineering major in China.

Naming scholarships and establishing criteria

The Foundation works with donors to direct scholarships to the kind of students they wish to support. 

Naming your scholarship: Most donors name their scholarships after loved ones. Some have endowed scholarships in the names of favorite professors. It's also common to simply name funds after yourself!  View existing scholarship names online.

Establishing criteria: We will work with you to direct your funds to the kind of students you wish to support. Some items to consider:

  • amount of the scholarship award
  • number of scholarships to be awarded each year
  • the option to renew the scholarship in subsequent years
  • class standing of the student (year in school)
  • if you wish to use a minimum grade-point average
  • other academic requirements
  • academic area or field of study requirements
  • if financial need or academic merit will be considered
  • other factors: citizenship, leadership, extracurricular participation and/or potential

UW-Eau Claire Foundation staff will offer guidance to you (or your financial advisers) as you establish preferences. IRS regulations prevent donors from selecting the recipients, including family members. Donors may be notified of the scholarship finalists and will be notified of the recipients.

For assistance in naming your scholarship and establishing your scholarship criteria, contact the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.

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“The scholarship is a good opportunity for me to give back, and I tell everyone the story. I came, like Sookie, as a foreign student from Hong Kong to study at UW-Eau Claire; the university was very generous to me. So I always feel like I need to give back to the university.”

- Grace Lau,
Maureen Lau Scholarship

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