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Investing in Friends of the Performing Arts

The department of music and theatre arts offers an outstanding undergraduate education for aspiring musicians, music educators and theater professionals, and also serves as a primary cultural resource for western Wisconsin. Students in the performing arts receive individual attention from our faculty and are frequently a part of faculty-student collaborative research. The department has over 300 majors educated by over thirty full-time and ten part-time faculty members.

Competitive Scholarships

Student playing the painoThrough past generosity, the music and theatre arts department has been able to offer a variety of scholarships to its students. This has allowed students to focus more on their studying and practicing rather than working multiple jobs to make it through school It has also allowed us to attract talented musicians and actors who have gone on to become award-winning educators, singers in major opera companies, performers and scholars at major institutions. Our department relies on the continual support of scholarships to help attract the best and brightest students who go on to make a positive impact on their community.

Championing Efforts in Diversity

The mission statement of the music and theatre arts department recognizes the importance of supporting a diverse and inclusive community for a successful learning environment. Supporting the music and theatre arts department allows us to recruit and support a more diverse student body and to bring in diverse instructors, clinicians and performers.

Library Renovation

Students discussing music in classEvery student who passes through the music and theatre arts department has undoubtedly touched at least one piece in the music library, shaping their artistic and educational experience. The current music library has been identified by the National Association of Schools of Music and the department of music and theatre arts as an area that needs to be overhauled. Presently, we are out of space and need to re-imagine the storage of music. In effort to allow for continued growth to the library and to make the space functional for student score study, upgrades are both necessary and timely. The department strives to raise $65,000 to allow for a renovation of the our invaluable music library.

Giving options:

Thank you for considering a gift to benefit UW-Eau Claire's music and theatre arts programs. For more information, contact Gretchen Peters, music and theatre arts department chair, at or 715-836-4102.

Give to Music and Theatre Arts

"The department continues to shape the lives of majors and non-majors alike by offering opportunities that truly exemplify that which distinguishes UW-Eau Claire from other schools. Support given to this department would ensure that such representation will continue for years to come. Updated facilities, talented faculty, and high-quality resources are needed to continue to provide students with a world-class education. An investment in the music and theatre arts department is not just for today, it is for the future."

- Jamison Wendlandt, vocal music education major

"As a scholarship recipient and soon-to-be-alumni, I would love to see more investment into the facilities, instruments, and opportunities that we music students come across every day. I am extremely grateful for all of the people here that have supported students to reach our full potential"

- Hannah Kennedy, instrumental performance major