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Endowment Naming Opportunities

To recognize donors’ support of excellence at UW-Eau Claire, university programs, departments and facilities supported by endowed funds often are named after those who make these generous gifts. Depending on the wishes of the donor, the name of a loved one or a respected colleague also may be honored. To learn about the naming of university facilities, areas within buildings or other university structures done to honor a person or entity read the building/facilities naming policy.

Below are the UW-Eau Claire Foundation’s specific endowment naming opportunities for giving levels from $10,000 through $10 million. Listed are the annual payout amount for each level and the UW-Eau Claire people, programs or facilities that endowment would support. Click on the linked naming opportunities for more detail.

$10 million

Annual payout: $400,000
: Academic Merit Scholarship Fund
College; Center of Excellence for Faculty/Student Research Collaboration
Building Name

$5 million
Annual payout: $200,000
People: International Study Scholarship Fund
Programs: Academic Department
Facilities: Building Wing

$2.5 million
Annual payout: $100,000
Minimum for Endowed Chair (New Position)
: Academic Center
Building Floor

$2 million
Annual payout: $80,000
Honors, Diversity, Fellowship Funds
Intercollegiate Sport
Sculpture Garden; Permanent Art Collection

$1.5 million
Annual payout: $60,000
Minimum for Endowed Chair (Existing Position)
Major Concert or Lecture Series
Auditorium in Schofield Hall

$1 million
Annual payout: $40,000
Professorship, Coach or Director
Pre-professional Program
Recital Hall; Atrium in Phillips Hall

Annual payout: $20,000
Visiting Professor
Pre-professional Program
Office Suite; Library; Seminar Room

Annual payout: $10,000
Visiting Lecturer
Research and Teaching Equipment Fund
High-Tech Classroom

Annual payout: $7,000
In-State Graduate Full Sponsorship
: General Equipment Fund
Large Lecture Classroom

Annual payout: $6,000
People: In-State Undergraduate Full Sponsorship
Programs: Faculty/Staff Awards Program
Facilities: Research Laboratory

Annual payout: $4,000
Faculty Development Fund; Returning Student Grants
Speakers Fund; International Travel Fund
: General Classroom

Annual payout: $4,000
Full In-State Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship
Artwork Acquisition Fund
Computer Study Lab

Annual payout: $2,000
Selected Undergraduate Fellowship Programs
Campus Beautification Fund
Teaching Laboratory; Unnamed Meeting Rooms in Davies Center

Annual payout: $1,000
People: Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship
Programs: Visiting Scholar
Facilities: Academic Study Area

Annual payout: $400
General Scholarship; Departmental Advancement Fund
Alumni Lecture Fund
Departmental Lounge Area


Explanation of Funding Opportunities

Named Endowed Academic Merit Scholarship Fund
This endowment would support Blugold Fellowships, honor scholarships, National Merit Scholarships, diversity scholarships and other funding to attract and retain academically talented students. This would be the largest single scholarship endowment to benefit the university.arrow up

College Endowment

Funds received shall supplement the annual budget allocation from the state and shall be used to meet unfunded priorities and take advantage of opportunities as they arise that will benefit the specific college.arrow up

Center of Excellence Endowment

The University of Wisconsin System Regents have designated UW-Eau Claire as the UW System’s Center of Excellence for Faculty and Undergraduate Student Research Collaboration. The full endowment of the Center of Excellence is a high priority for the UW-Eau Claire Foundation. arrow up

Building Name
This gift level is not reflective of the total cost of a building, but rather represents a significant commitment. This category includes the naming of existing buildings such as residence halls and classroom facilities as well as the naming of future buildings that may be constructed.arrow up

Endowed International Study Scholarship Fund
This endowment would support expenses of students and faculty to participate in numerous study-abroad programs as well as expenses of international students to attend UW-Eau Claire. arrow up

Academic Department Endowment
Depending on enrollment in a specific department, number of faculty, research activity and annual budget, the amount required to endow a department will be determined on a sliding scale. A minimum commitment of $1 million is required to endow a department. arrow up

Endowed Chair Sliding Scale
A minimum outright commitment of $1.5 million is required to fund a named endowed chair to supplement an existing faculty position. A commitment to complete the pledge within five years must be made before the chair is named. Endowing a chair for a new faculty position requires a funding commitment of $2.5 million. An endowed chair in a high-demand faculty area, such as chemistry, biology or the other sciences, or to attract a nationally or internationally recognized professor in his or her field requires a $5 million commitment. arrow up

Academic Center Endowment
Examples include a Center for Service Learning, Center for International Education, Center for Communication Disorders, Children’s Center, Academic Skills Center, Center for Instructional Technology Improvement and Innovation, Center for Leadership and American Indian Studies Program. arrow up

Sculpture Garden/Art Collection Endowment
This endowment would maintain existing sculptures and art in the university collection as well as fund the commissioning of new sculptures and art works. arrow up

Concert or Lecture Series Endowment
Examples include Cabaret, Viennese Ball, Jazz Institute, The Forum, Artists Series, Holiday Concert, Varsity Show and other major performance events. arrow up

Pre-professional Program Endowment
The amount required to endow a pre-professional program will be determined on a sliding scale, with the endowment of the pre-medicine program set at
$1 million. Other pre-professional programs may be endowed at the $500,000 level. arrow up

Endowed In-State Graduate Full Sponsorship
Includes graduate tuition, fees, basic room and board, and some books. arrow up

Endowed In-State Undergraduate Full Sponsorship
Includes undergraduate tuition, fees, basic room and board, and some books. arrow up

Faculty Development Endowment
This is the minimum endowment level for funds to provide faculty support not met by the annual budget allocation, including travel to and from professional conferences, research support, support to integrate technology into the curriculum, supplies, etc. There is no limit on the size of faculty development endowments. arrow up

International Travel Fund Endowment
This is the minimum endowment level for a fund to support international faculty and/or student travel to participate in various international study-abroad programs. arrow up

Undergraduate Fellowship Program Endowment
Examples include Blugold Fellowships, Honors Program scholarships and summer research stipends. arrow up

Campus Beautification Fund Endowment
This is the minimum amount to endow a fund for landscaping, artwork, etc. for campus beautification and enhancements. arrow up

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