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gifts of securities

How to make your securities gift

You can make a securities gift to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation (1) via electronic transfer or (2) by mailing the security certificate directly to the Foundation:

1. Electronic transfer: Sign a transfer authorization, a letter of instruction providing the security name and number of shares to be gifted, and a stock power form. Provide your broker or bank with the UW-Eau Claire Foundation’s brokerage information.

NOTE: It is critical that you notify Coby Kohn, Foundation Chief Financial Officer, of your intent to give stock and securities so that he can track your gift. Contact information is below.

2. Mail security certificate and stock power form: In separate envelopes, send the following to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation: (1) the security certificate WITHOUT an assignment or endorsement; and (2) a signed stock power form with a guaranteed signature by a bank officer or stockbroker. On the stock power form, write “University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation” in the blank following the words “hereby sell, assign and transfer unto.”

Both documents required in Option 2 should be sent via certified mail to:

UW-Eau Claire Foundation
105 Garfield Ave., 214 Schofield Hall
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Receipt Procedures

If securities are mailed directly to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, the gift is effective on the date of mailing. If the securities are mailed directly to a brokerage account, the contribution is not complete until the gift is received into the brokerage account of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.

The gift value is calculated by using the median price between the high and low prices on the date of the gift.

The UW-Eau Claire Foundation will issue the donor an official receipt for tax purposes with the gift value. In addition, the Foundation will provide a Form 8283, if requested by the donor.

This gift value is the amount that will be transferred to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation fund designated by the donor.

For More Information

If you have questions about a securities transfer, contact Coby M. Kohn, Chief Financial Officer, at 715-836-2000 or


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