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Language Lab

Languages Lab in 2014


Located in Centennial Hall 4712
Phone: 715-836-4883

Lab Hours

Monday:       9am-6pm
Tuesday:      9am-6pm
Wednesday: 9am-6pm
Thursday:     9am-6pm
Friday:         9am-4pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Wii Games now available. 

For access to J drive lab exercises:

1. Log-in
2. Start - Computer
3. Select J: drive under Network Location
4. Select Foreign Lang folder
5. Select Library folder
6. Select appropriate language folder
7. Select language level and chapter

Headphones are to be plugged in to the pc.  Black plug in headphones, red plug in microphone. Personal headphones may also be used.

Instructions for Audacity:

1. Log-in
2. Start - All Programs - Media - Audacity

To save files using Audacity:
1. go to file tab
2. click export
3. change to location specified by instructor
4. enter filename
5. change "save as type" to mp3
6. click ok on format box
    Do not save on the "C" drive or on desktop unless it is only temporary.  
    All files on the C drive and desktop will be deleted when you logoff.

For access to w:drive for class/professor documents

1. Log-in
2. Start - Computer
3. Select W: drive under Network Location
4. Select forlng folder
5. Select language
6. Select professor, class and title of document as specified by the professor
7. Open file and review; print if necessary

Lab in ca 1975                  Languages Lab Station

    1975                                                 2014