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Faculty/Student Collaborative Projects

May 2014

****** Student Research Day 2014 ****    

Madeline Louise Bires, Katherine Marie DeStefano
Faculty Mentor/Collaborator: Kate Mastruserio Reynolds
The Making-Meaning Dance: Variety and Frequency of Instructional Strategies

Christopher Joseph Dictus
Faculty Mentor/Collaborator: Matthew W. Waters
Tiridates I of Armenia: Caught Between Rome and Parthia.

Sarah Janice Vowels, Emily Marija Kurmis
Faculty Mentors/Collaborators: Linda Carlson, Ami Christensen
How Does Realigning the Curriculum Prepare Intensive English Program (IEP) Students at UWEC to Succeed in Content-Based Writing?

Susan Kathleen Fandre
Faculty Mentors/Collaborator: Jessica S. Miller
Assessment of Introductory French Textbooks’ Integration of Pronunciation

Elizabeth Ann Davis 
Faculty Mentors/Collaborators: Linda Carlson, Matthew M. Evans
Improving the Exit Survey

Anneli Nelson Williams
Faculty Mentors/Collaborator: Johannes Strohschank
The Port Washington Civil War Draft Riot: German Perspectives

Jodie Rose Wangen, Danielle Rae Martin
Faculty Mentor/Collaborator: Carlos G. Garcia
Analysis on the Impact of Ethnic Diversity within Businesses from Two Cities: Eau Claire and Marshfield, with a Focus on Three Main Business Categories: Restaurants, Hospitals, and Manufacturers