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Faculty/Student Collaborative Projects

May 2015

****** Student Research Day 2015 ****    

Dana Rich
Faculty Mentor/Collaborator: Carlos Garcia
Collaborative Translation in the English/Spanish College Classroom

Krista Neyers
Faculty Mentor/Collaborator: Anne Hlas
Measuring Student Attention in the Second Language Classroom

Elizabeth Ehrenberg, Kristina Hoyt, Madeline Tautges
Faculty Mentor/Collaborator: Kelly Biers
Wisconsin Walloon - A Language and Culture in Sharp Decline

Robin Jungwirth, Anna Myers
Faculty Mentor/Collaborator: Manuel Fernandez
Machu Pikachu: Ethnolinguistic Vitality within Japanese and Peruvian Cross-Cultures

Benjamin Carpenter
Faculty Mentor/Collaborator: Joshua Brown
Language and Identity among Somalis in Barron, Wisconsin

Mary Eppolite
Faculty Mentors/Collaborators: Ezra Zeitler (Geography and Anthropology) Jessica Miller (Languages)
Lexical Variation within Louisiana French


April 2015

Benjamin Carpenter, German major, with Dr. Joshua Brown, languages: presented his faculty-student research project, "Language and Identity Among Somalis in Barron, Wisconsin"  on April 22 during "Posters in the Rotunda: UW Research Powers Wisconsin" at the state Capitol in Madison.