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Judy Ramsey

Goodbye Judy! We will miss you!

On January 2, 2015, Judy Ramsey, our Academic Department Associate of over 20 years, will be retiring. Her helpfulness, amazing problem solving abilities, thoughtfulness, upbeat nature, and smile will be missed by us all. When our newsletter staff asked the department faculty to send us fond memories of Judy and tell us what they would miss most about her, we were overwhelmed with the kind words that came pouring into our email box. As one professor says, "I can’t tell the number of times that I have seen her go above and beyond her job description to make things in the department run smoothly nor the number of times that I have seen her reach out to a colleague, who was having a bad day, with a kind word." Another professor tells us, "Her constant cheerful attitude always brightens my day."

Judy says this is the perfect time to start her retirement, as she is in good health and will have a chance to enjoy herself. She assures us that retirement will not entirely be restful, saying, "I will keep myself busy." She looks forward to spending time with her two grandsons, one of whom is less than two months old. When asked what she will miss about UWEC, she replied, "Most of all I will miss the wonderful people I work with," adding, with a slight smile and wink, "and the four flights of steps that keep me moving." She says she will also miss "the wonderful international foods at potlucks." During her two decades in our department Judy has thoroughly enjoyed working with UWEC students on a daily basis, she says "The students we get here are really great students." She has also enjoyed hearing the wide variety of languages spoken in the department, adding, "Even though I don’t speak the languages. It’s been so much fun hearing them."

We will all miss you Judy, and we wish you all the best. This final quote from one of our faculty members summarizes what we are feeling right now and what we will most likely be thinking in the semesters ahead, "Judy is the sunshine of our Department… I will miss her professionally and personally. But I know that everyday I will think of her as I try to fix my problems by asking myself: ‘What would Judy do?’ "