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International Living Learning Community

The International LLC at UWEC

An International Living Learning Community (LLC) has been established this year for international students and American domestic student roommates in the Towers South Residence Hall. Most of the students on the floor signed up for the experience when they first signed up for housing here at UWEC, and so they were excited for this great opportunity. Overall, everyone on the floor has learned a great deal about other cultures and how to get along and enjoy living with people who are both different and very similar to themselves.

As a floor they have already done some really cool things, such as having cross-cultural dinners, playing on a floor volleyball team, and going to a family farm for a picnic. Recently, domestic students had the opportunity to support their friends from around the world at the International Folk Fair held in the Davies Center. Last weekend the students enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner held at a nearby church – it was a blast, and the international students really loved all the new food they experienced!

Here are some comments on living in the International LLC from Heath Hill, the LLC programmer: "The overall atmosphere of our floor is one of inclusion to an extent that I was not expecting before the year began. Students of all cultures hang out together in a genuinely friendly environment, studying or playing sports, or whatever else comes up in the college life on campus. It is such a gift to be neighbors with people from Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, and Thailand! And to be such good friends and learn about others' cultures is amazing. The residents on the floor are more than comfortable spending time together, across cultures and genders, and it is noticeable considering the amount of time they do so. I am looking forward to doing some fun events in the snow with the residents such as sledding/tubing, or just going outside to have snowball fights. For many of them, the first snow they ever see will be this year. This community has been exciting to live in and it is such a great opportunity to meet and become friends with very unique and friendly individuals from around the world. The pictures below are of our Pumpkin Carving event that we had a couple weeks before Halloween this year. Our hallway was very decorative and many students said they enjoyed carving pumpkins because it was their first time!"

International Living Learning Community